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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 22 (Pool Drive)

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Hello guys, SAP recently conducted a pool drive for 2016 pass-outs. The first round was an online test which had questions from different sections like:
1. Personality test
2. Testing Aptitude
3. English Essay
4. Design Aptitude
5. Coding Skills
6. Analytical Aptitude

The test is for 105 minutes. There were 2 coding questions. The coding section has more weight age and second coding question has more marks.

The shortlisted students had face-to-face interviews. There were 4 rounds totally 2 Technical, 1 Managerial and 1 HR round.

First Technical Round:
1. Tell me about yourself
2. Difference between C++ and Java
He gave me an option to select any one language-C, C++, Java. I chose Java and he asked me many questions on Java.
3. Features of Java
4. How does Java run a program
5. What is Javac and Javadoc
6. What is GIT
7. What is composite and aggregation in Java
8. Difference between arraylist and vector
9. What is mutable
10. What is exception handling
11. What are checked and unchecked exceptions
12. Difference between Interface and Abstract class
13. What is static in Java
14. Super and this usage in Java
15. Access specifiers in Java
Then he asked some questions on Software Engineering
16. Explain different models in software engineering process
17. Levels of CMMI
18. Some questions on testing
19. Difference between project and product
20. Which software model is best and why

Then he asked me to write code for a program to find 2nd largest number in an array
Next he asked me if u are given a chance to design a compiler for your own language what would you look into and how would you design it
Next a logical question- 9 balls weighing problem. In how many minimum chances would you find a ball with less weight where 8 balls weigh 100gms each and one ball weighs 90gms

Second Technical Round:

Tell me about yourself
He went through my resume and asked about my projects, interns and everything
Some questions on java like
Features of java
Explain polymorphism with an example code
Difference between method overloading and overriding and write a code to demonstrate this
What is linked list and write a code for it
Some questions on DBMS
A few questions on operating systems

MR and HR Round:

Take me through your resume
Why SAP and how do you think SAP suits you
What are your goals and how much time are you spending towards achieving them
What do you do in your free time
If you find someone in your team not working properly how would you handle such situation
If you are given a chance to change the world what would you do
Describe yourself in one word and why
What are the things you think you should improve
What does change mean to you
What would be your reaction if you were given an offer by SAP and what would you do if you were not selected
Then some questions related to my family
Are you willing to relocate to Bangalore
She asked me if I had any questions and I asked a few
And finally she said All The Best and the interview ended

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Last Updated : 21 Apr, 2016
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