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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Off-Campus FTE

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Round 1(Online Test):

It was an online test on hackerrank consists of 15 MCQ’s from C++, Java, SQL, Data structures and 2 coding questions from String and dynamic programming . Coding questions were from easy-medium difficulty and total time limit of 75 minutes is given.

Round 2(Technical Round):

1) starts with introduce yourself .

2)  After it  discussion on Oops  concepts and justifying with real time examples. Difference between abstraction and encapsulation.

3) Discussion on Java concepts. Exception handling in Java . What is runtime polymorphism and how it is done Java .

Difference between abstract class and interface.

4) coding question – Given an array, print the Next Greater Element (NGE) for every element. The Next greater Element for an element x is the first greater element on the right side of x in array. Elements for which no greater element exist, consider next greater element as -1.

Round 3(Technical Round):  

1)Resume based project discussion , asked about difficulties faced and how do you overcome them.

2) projects done in internships.

3) Implement queue using linked list and array.

4) Asked about REST Api’s.

5) Asked to design an online library system.

6) why SAP?

Round 4(Technical Round):  

Interviewer was pretty cool, asked me to choose either between Java/Oops or  problem solving.

I go with problem solving. He asked 2 coding questions.

1)  Given an array with n elements and a sum x, need to count all pairs of elements in the array whose sum is equal to x. Told two approaches one using binary search and other using two pointers.

2) Given a binary tree and at any moment of time a  given node starts to fire, after one second fire reaches to all the nodes which are directly connected with given node so the  fire cycle continues as same. You need to find minimum time at which whole tree will be burnt.


Round 5(Managerial Round):

1)Asked why you want to join  SAP?

2) Any SAP products you know?

3) Challenges faced in internships and discussion on one machine learning project i mentioned in my resume.

Round 6(HR Round)

1)Honestly tell me why you want to join SAP ?

2) Why you want to leave your current organization?

3) Expectations from SAP?


Verdict selected!!

Tip: All the rounds were elimination round.



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Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2019
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