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SAP labs Interview Experience for Associate Developer

  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2021

Round 1: Online coding test

Round one consisted of 2 coding questions.

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  • Given an array and a value K, find the count of elements lesser than K.
  • Given a 2D array of size M*N, find the largest element for each row. The answer will be an array of M values. This question was indirectly given in the form of the M*N array, where M denotes the no of products and N denotes the number of days. The ith row indicates the price of the product I for N days. The task is to find the highest price of each product for N days.  
  • A few of my other friends got questions from dynamic programming and string manipulation as well.
  • I solved both questions. They shortlisted 12 people and I were one of them.

Round 2: Technical Interview 1

  • This interview lasted for about 35 minutes.
  • Firstly the interviewer asked me to give a brief intro. Then he asked me to explain the projects I did.  
  • He asked me to give a diagrammatic explanation of one of my projects based on my graphs
  • One of the other projects were Huffman Encoding and Decoding, he asked e to explain the procedure and also asked me if it was lossless encoding
  • Then he asked me about polymorphism in C++. He asked me to code an example of compile-time polymorphism. I coded an example of function overloading, with changes in parameters data type, type promotion, and default parameters.
  • Finally, he asked me a puzzle, which I answered correctly

I was selected to the next round

Round 3: Technical Interview 2

  • This interview lasted for about 35 mins.
  • Firstly the interviewer asked me to give an intro.
  • She again asked me to explain my projects and asked few questions based in that.
  • She asked me few oral questions:
  • What is polymorphism? What are its types?
  • About linked lists. Difference between singly and doubly linked list
  • About trees it algorithms in OS ( which I didn’t know and I told her the same)
  • She gave me a coding question.
  • Given a month, I have to classify it as summer, winter, or rainy. I just used a map and stored pairs of months and corresponding seasons. And just traversed it to print the season.
  • Finally, she asked me a puzzle, which I answered correctly

I was selected to the next round

Round 4: Managerial Round

  • This interview lasted for around about 50 mins.  
  • Firstly we quickly introduced ourselves.
  • Then he asked me about one of my projects and asked me how my solution has improved the project. The problems I faced during the project, how I resolved them, and the areas I would like to explore in the future. He also asked me to rate the participation of my team members for one of my projects ( I didn’t rate them, as I felt there was equal participation of all and I conveyed the same)
  • He asked me about my area of preference. When I told him about DBMS, he asked me a few questions about his company’s DBMS software. He did this to check if I have read about the company.
  • Then he asked me if I had given a thought about a solution to any of the real-world solutions. (However small is your idea, present it confidently)
  • He asked me to learn more about the company.

I was selected for the final round.

Round 5: HR round

Keep practicing, work hard and your day will definitely come! Good luck!  

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