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SAP Labs Interview Experience for Associate Developer(FTE)

Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2020
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SAP Labs visited our campus to hire Final year students for Associate Developer Role on 30th Sept. And they allowed CSE, IT, ECE, and EE from B.Tech as well as MCA, MSc, and All CSE M.Tech students to take part in the recruitment drive.

Criteria: 7 CPI and above, 60% in both 10th and 12th


  • Resume based shortlisting
  • PPT
  • Online Test
  • 1st technical interview
  • 2nd technical interview
  • Managerial round
  • HR round

On 1st October, the PPT as well the online test round took place at 5:30 pm during the evening.

Round 1(Online Test 1hr): This round was conducted on HackerEarth. It consisted of 10 MCQ questions based on OOPs(C++ and Java-based), C(based on pointers), and 2 coding questions.

  1. Find the length of the longest subsequence of one string which is a substring of another string
  2. Given a string P consisting of small English letters and a 26-digit bit string Q where 1 represents the special character and 0 represents normal character for the 26 English Alphabets. The task is to find the length of the longest substring with at most K normal characters.

The test had a sectional cut-off, so it was important to do well in both the MCQs and as well as the coding section. And as there were different sets for the online test for different students, it was important to solve questions as fast as possible to improve the chances of getting shortlisted.

The coding questions were pretty easy as I solved both of them within 40 minutes. And I did pretty well on MCQs too (I believe at least 9 out of 10 MCQs were correct). And on the same night, 34 students were shortlisted for the interviews.

Round 2(Techincal 1): This round was conducted on HackerRank codepair on 5th Sept and this interview lasted for about 45 minutes. Since my slot was the last out of all 34 students, I was pretty tense as I thought I will be shoved off in the end. But the interviewer was very humble and supportive of the approach and explanations I gave. She first introduced herself, following which I introduced myself. 

Note: The first impression lasts long, so make sure to come up with a good introductory start for yourself.

  1. At first, I was given 3 snippets of code, in which I had to find out the time complexities for each code(they were easy to solve). Then I was given two questions to code and run while explaining my approach to solving the question-

  2. Given a linked list of odd and even values, return the updated head of the given linked list, where all the odd valued nodes are removed. (I passed all the test cases in this question in my first take)

  3. Given a linked list of binary values, convert the sequenced binary value to the required decimal value. (I passed 14/15 test cases and after that, I debugged the only test case that didn’t pass and that too worked in my 2nd attempt)


    0->1->1->0->1  ===>>> (01101)2

    So this will give 13 as the answer.

    Make sure to comment on the lines which are important while you code. It’ll give a lot of clarity to the interviewer. Think and explain out loud, as mostly the interviewer sees the way you approach the question, and not if you reach to the answer perfectly or not( But it’s also better to not take the risk and go with the approach of solving the question completely)

  4. Given a linked list and a pointer to the node, how would you remove that node in the best time complexity? (The only approach was asked for this one)

    I could not come out with the best approach for this question and as time came to an end, she ended the interviews.

And then the round ended with me asking questions to the interviewer about SAP labs. Prepare and research thoroughly about the company and come out with the best questions to make them aware that you are well-introduced to SAP Labs.

So, since I personally felt I did not perform well, I felt like I was eliminated and almost started to get over it when an email came saying that I was selected for the next round. So a total of 26 students made it to the 3rd round.

Round 3(Technical 2): This round took place on Google Meet and it lasted for 1 hr. And being given the last slot for this round, I was again very tense because few of the students had their further rounds done, and I was yet to have my 3rd round. 

So the interviewer came, and he introduced himself and told me about the work he did at the SAP Labs. And then I introduced myself to him. While introducing, since I mentioned my internship on Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems, he started to discuss the tech skills and the work which I did in general during the internship. It lasted for around 15-20 mins and he also shared his own experience when he first worked on the Cloud.

And then, it was followed with solving 2 coding questions on GDB compiler:

  1. Given an array of zero and non-zero values, perform an in-place operation such that all the zeroes in the array are present to the right and the non-zero values are present to the right.
  2. Given a linked list, check whether there exists any loop. And if it does, return the node from which the loop is originated.

Both of them were pretty easy questions to solve and I ran the code in the first take.

In the end, he asked how the COVID scenario has affected the placements of our college. And with this, I asked questions about Cloud and Distributed Systems to the interviewer in the end.

Since there were many students, the rest of the process resumed for the next day, with 20 students making it to the next round. And I was one of them.

Round 4(Managerial): This round took place the next day at Microsoft Teams for around 30 minutes. And it was the toughest round than all the technical rounds since the interviewer was very strict, and he checked our critical thinking and about the way we presented ourselves during pressure. So it is very important to be specific and tell things which are asked. 

At first, he asked me to introduce myself. And then he asked the following questions- 

  1. Given a database named Insurance, containing fields such as Policy Holder ID, Policy Holder Name, DOB, and Date of Death. Write a SQL query to find the number of active policy users on 1st Jan 2020.
  2. Given an amount which gets incremented by 10% and then decremented by 10% in the next year. And this operation is performed for 10 years. Will the amount remain the same, increment, or decrement? Explain your answer.
  3. Given a cube of size 6cm, how many cubes of size 1cm will be available?

And then, he asked about my family, hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses. (Just answer exactly what the interviewer has asked, don’t try to answer things based on your own judgment).

Now he asked questions on situations that would generally exist in the company, and he expected us to give the practical approach to how to solve the problems.

  1. Given you have a team consisting of you and your friend. On the day before the deadline, your friend tells you that he won’t be able to complete his side of work. And even if you complete your piece of work, you won’t be able to complete the total work before the deadline. So what will you do in that situation?
  2. Given that you are a part of the team and the company will be launching the product that your team has worked on. Just days before the launch, you get to know that there is a certain flaw in the product and that you know the person in the team who did not take care of that work. So how will you react and what will you do?

And I asked some questions in the end. Try not to ask vague questions in this round particularly. After then, the interviewer indirectly hinted to me that I was shortlisted for the next round, so do keep your ears open till the very end. And after then, 11 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 5(HR): This round also took place in MS Teams for 20 minutes. The interviewer mentioned to me that this was more of an informal round.

The interviewer started the session by introducing herself, after which I introduced myself. I was mostly asked about my family and background, and my views on COVID,-19, and how it has affected me socially, mentally, and emotionally.  I was also asked about the internships I did and what I worked on, and where the company was situated (since it was a start-up), about the clubs that I was a part of, and how I was involved in the clubs.

So in the end, all the 11 students were finally selected and were given a Full-Time Offer, and I was one of those selected students. So, don’t lose hope, even though you feel that you could not perform the way you wanted to during the interviews. So stay calm and confident. And all the best to those who will be appearing.

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