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SAP Labs Interview Experience | For 2 Months Internship

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SAP Labs came for on campus internship recruitment (2 months) 2020 for B.Tech students.

There were a total of 4 rounds

Round 1: Online Test

Test was conducted on HackerEarth platform The round consisted of around 20 MCQ questions and 1 coding problems.
MCQs were a mix of output problems, aptitude problems, and questions on OOPS and few SQL queries.

Coding question: Given an array A[] and a number x, check for pair in A[] with sum as x

and there was another question which I don’t remember.

People who solved 1 coding question completely and average marks in MCQ were shortlisted for further rounds.

Round 2: Technical round

Tell me about yourself. He asked me about my projects and then gave me 2 coding questions to solve.

Problem 1: Boolean Matrix Problem

Problem 2: Search in a row wise and column wise sorted matrix

Then he asked me some complex SQL queries questions which I could not answer.He asked me questions on Java like encapsulation, abstraction predict the output of code etc. Then he told me to leave.

After this I was not selected for further rounds.

Tip: SQL is must and be ready to answer tough questions on SQL and DBMS.


Thanks to geeksforgeeks team for putting such good content on website. I would advice to go through problems on website as it improves thinking and approach. It helped me a lot in every thing be it subjects, coding problems or practicing the questions.

Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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