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Aptitude Tests are used by many recruiters around the world. Their purpose is to test technical skills, attitudes, and soft skills related to the search… Read More
My Interview was scheduled for the 19th of Mar 2021 at MCF ISRO, Bhopal. I reached there on the time. First, they checked all documents… Read More
Weakly Connected Graph: A directed graph ‘G = (V, E)’ is weakly connected if the underlying undirected graph Ĝ is connected. Attention reader! Don’t stop learning… Read More
Which below method in Node.js is used to create a new Deflate object ? (A) zlib.createDeflate() (B) zlib.createGunzip() (C) zlib.createUnzip() (D) zlib.createZip() Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
How we find the relative path from a given path to another path based on the current working directory ? (A) path.relative() (B) path.parse() (C)… Read More
Which dependencies in Node.js is used to abstract non-blocking Input Output operations to a consistent interface ? (A) Open SSL (B) v8 (C) libuv (D)… Read More
Which below method is used to get and set the fragment portion of the URL in Node.js ? (A) url.encode (B) url.decrypt (C) url.encrypt (D)… Read More
Which below method is used to run an asynchronous function and get a callback in the node.js ? (A) util.format() (B) util.inherits() (C) util.callbackify() (D)… Read More
Which module in node.js provides access to various utility functions ? (A) Utility (B) URL (C) UDP (D) Process Answer: (A) Explanation: The Utility module… Read More
Which v8 method is used to serialize any type of data into a buffer using default serializer ? (A) v8.Serializer.writeValue() (B) v8.Serializer.writeHeader() (C) v8.serialize() (D)… Read More
Which property is used to yields an object listing Zlib-related constants ? (A) zlib.constants() (B) zlib.createBrotliDecompress() (C) zlib.createUnzip() (D) zlib.createBrotliCompress() Answer: (A) Explanation: The zlib.constants… Read More
Which method finds the maximum number of sockets that will be left open in the free state ? (A) agent.minFreeSockets (B) agent.maxFreeSockets (C) agent.maxSockets (D)… Read More
Which method is used to return all the remaining input stored in the internal buffer as a string ? (A) stringDecoder.start() (B) stringDecoder.end() (C) stringEncoder.start()… Read More
Which data-handling method and is used to read or write input into output sequentially ? (A) Utility (B) Timer (C) Decoder (D) Stream Answer: (D)… Read More
Which below method is responsible for parsing and formatting URL query strings ? (A) Query (B) String decoder (C) steam (D) VM Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More