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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 18 (On-Campus)

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A written test was held, there were 6 sections in the written test. Time allotted was around 105 mins.

1. Psychometric Test 60 questions in 10 min.
(after this we were able to switch between other sections so, 95 mins for others)
2. Analytical/Logical ability.
3. Design Aptitude. (questions required keen observation)
4. Technical (S/W engg ques., 1 debugging question was there, others I don’t remember)
5. Essay Writing.
6. Coding section (2 questions, one easy and one with moderate difficulty. Both were solvable but time was less)

After that results were announced on 27th and out of 176 candidates they selected 36. Interviews were held on the same day. There were 4 interview rounds and each lasted approximately 1 hour. Students were getting eliminated after each interview.

1. Technical interview: First of all he asked me to wait for 5 mins outside, he went through my resume thoroughly and then called me in. He asked everything written there (seriously everything!!, so prepare your resume well). He asked questions on I think all the core subjects(Ds, Dbms, Cn, S/W engg etc). Also discussion of my projects in depth.

2. Technical interview: This one lasted a bit longer than others, I think around 1.5 hours. Interviewer was a lady. She asked some maths questions related to graph and asked me to find out the domain of Y in it(similar to what we used to do in 11th/12th class), then asked me to draw certain venn diagrams related to bitwise operators. After that some questions on “public static void main(String[] args)” (was trying to confuse me), and asked about garbage collector. Also questions on a situation she gave me (it was related to functionality of a hypothetical software).

3. Managerial interview: This was mostly focused on, (that’s what I think), how is the body language, way of presentation, and communication skills. He also asked me to explain about my project and asked some questions related to latest technologies. He maintained a poker face during the whole interview (may be because he did not wanted me to know how am I doing).

4. HR interview: This was very good. He started asking hr questions and was looking for ideal answers but I simply said what I felt. At first I thought that’s not the right thing but eventually it turned out to be good. Tip to clear this interview is to remain calm and think twice before you say anything and “BE YOURSELF”, that’s what I did. eg: He asked me why I am wearing shoes and not flip-flops ? I said because our TPO sir has set certain rules and if I did so then I’ll be imposed with a 500 rs fine. πŸ˜€

It was really an exhausting day, interviews started in the morning of 27th and lasted till 1:30 am (yeah, 28th Nov). Finally they announced the results at 1:40 and 6 people were selected and I was one of them πŸ™‚ . But they couldn’t take us for the dinner because it was already very late.

At last I have only one thing to say, if you are not able to answer anything just say “I don’t know sir/ma’am”, it is not compulsory to answer all the questions but you should be able to answer atleast 70-80% questions. Finally to make it through you must know everything about something and something about everything. πŸ™‚

Thanks and All the Best…!!! πŸ™‚

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Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2016
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