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SAP Interview Experience | Associate Developer ( Off-Campus)

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Round 1: Total of 17 questions: MCQs : 15 (Related to DBMS, SQL, DS, JAVA ) Coding questions: 2 (Both related to string) Round 2: Technical Round
  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What is interface in Java
  3. What is abstract class and abstract method in java
  4. When to use interface and when to use abstract class with example
  5. Rate yourself in Data Structure
  6. Write a program of anagram(focused on approach)
  7. Diamond problem in Cpp
  8. What is used in java to resolve this problem
  9. What is primary key and foreign key.
  10. Two tables given, one with details of person and another with the liking of their fruits. Find id of those employee who don’t like apple (topic: join, composite query, use of not in)
  11. Any question? (It is good to ask question: I asked about what is ABAP and ERP)
Round 3: Technical Round After one hour I got a mail for another round in one hour:
  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Pattern printing:                                                                                                                                                                                *  * * ** * * * *
  3. Array of string is given: x = [‘aaa’, ‘bb’, ‘aaa’, ‘abc’] y = [‘aaa’, ‘abc’] elements of x should always present in y with equal or less count if not than return false. 4. What is git version control.(Git mentioned in my resume) This round ends with discussing these two question along with database joins: Inner join, outer join, left join and     right join. Round 4:  Managerial Round First the interviewer introduced himself, then asked me to give your brief introduction.The discussion is mainly on my projects in this round. I have created an android application so they asked me how to move from one activity to another in android. Since I was having experience of few months in another firm the questions were based on what work you have handled there, what technology you worked on, what you have learned from there, what motivates you, what are your hobbies. I also asked about what they exactly wants in a candidate. By this the interview ended. Tips: If you are trying for any question always tell the interviewer that what you are thinking, how you are going to approach. In any round if you found an opportunity  to ask questions than definitely don’t miss out that.  

Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2020
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