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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 7

Last Updated : 01 Apr, 2015
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A brief documentation of my SAP Labs India interview

Round 1 : Statement Round
We were 5 people and given a problem statement and we were asked to design application or think about how should be the application and present our Idea individually.

my topic was “design parking app which will show the available parking slots and fare in a particular area”

Round 2: Technical Interview 1

1. What are ACID properties with real life examples.
2. what is Linked list and reverse the linked list using single pointer/ 2 pointers.
3. What is RDBMS.
4. what is virtual memory
5. what are primitive data types? what is bitwise operators?
6. what is primary key? unique key?
7. Can unique key be a primary key?
8. What is foreign key? can foreign key be Null?
9. what is normalization? why should we do normalization?
10. normalized form is better or storing in a single table/ 2 tables is better?
11. create database of IPL
12. write a query to find name of a player with maximum number of runs in a match on given date and given venue.
13. query 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9=100 solve this by placing or without placing any operator.
14. one more puzzle of making the probability of ball selecting… etc.

Round 3: Technical Interview 2

1. OOPS concept with real life examples.
2. what is class n object. comparison with real life.
3. program to swap numbers without using temp variable.
4. abstract class, friend class, and other questions related to class concept.
5. Inheritance and types.
6. WAP to print series, with printing characters if divisible by 3, 5, 3&5.
7. Some queries and concepts of RDBMS.
8. OS concepts
9. Puzzle of no of iteration to find light weight ball out of 9 balls.

Round 4: Managerial Round

In this round i was asked about project i worked in and why i want to leave previous company?
kind of work i do in project.
what is SAP and cloud computing
family background and personal info.

Round 5: HR Round

1. Tell me an experience of yours in that you didn’t like to do and how you handled it ?
2. What is your negative point that you want to improve?
3. why you want to leave the previous company and why SAP
4. how will you manage when requirement changes at last moment.
5. want to work with team or individually? and why?

Note: At the start of every round you have to give introduction, so make sure that you are giving all info about you and prepare intro well.

Thanks geeksforgeeks, with your help i was able to crack this interview.

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