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All about GATE CS Preparation for 2018 aspirants. The page contains solutions of previous year GATE CS papers with explanations, topic wise Quizzes, notes/tutorials and important links for preparation.

GATE CS 2018 Mock Tests

GATE CS Notes/Tutorials (According to Official GATE 2018 Syllabus)

Previous Years’ questions/answers/explanation for GATE CS

Previous Years’ questions/answers/explanation for GATE IT

Topic-wise Mock Quizzes for GATE CS

ER and Relational Models
Database Design (Normal Forms)
Transactions and concurrency control
Sequential files, indexing, B & B+ trees
Database Management Systems

Compiler Design
Lexical analysis
Parsing and Syntax directed translation
Code Generation and Optimization
Compiler Design

Computer Networks
Data Link Layer
Network Layer
Transport Layer
Misc Topics in Computer Networks
Application Layer
Network Security
Computer Networks

Theory of Computation
Regular languages and finite automata
Context free languages and Push-down automata
Recursively enumerable sets and Turing machines
Automata Theory

General Aptitude

Engineering Mathematics
Set Theory & Algebra
Linear Algebra
Numerical Methods and Calculus
Graph Theory
Propositional and First Order Logic

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