SAP Labs Interview Experience for Internship

Round 1: Round 1 was online test. Which contains three sections. In first section there are two coding questions for which we have to write whole code. one question was very easy based on simple array and hashing (other approaches can also be used). other one was of moderate difficulty(not remembered). In second section there were two Debugging questions (easy section). in third section MCQ’s were there based on OOP’s and aptitude. This round was conducted on metll platform.

Around 9 candidates were selected for interviews.

Interview Round 1: Second round begun with general introduction. Then some general questions on Inheritance and Polymorphism (spent a lot of time on these two concepts).Then he shifted towards data structure part . one question was Delete leaf nodes of a binary tree i solve it using recursion. Then some questions based on Databases like left outer join and right outer join. As my performance was good i was selected for next round. 6 students were selected for next round.

Interview Round 2: Third round begun with Strings in Java(different ways for Comparison). Then some questions on Binary tree traversals.

Use of binary Search tree etc. Then finding loop in singly linked list (i solve it using two pointers ) he asked me to suggest another way that was Hashing. Then he shifted towards OOP’s concepts. Then he asked about my ongoing project. he asked me to draw ER diagram and ask me some queries related to it. This round ended with a puzzle . we have 9 paperweights one of them is of different weight (may be light or may be heavy not known) we have to find it in minimum attempts I gave a solution but they said that i can further minimized. Some questions were also asked about try and catch blocks in java.

5 students are advanced to the final HR round i was one of them.

HR Round: This was last round. Some basic HR questions like introduction and questions on projects mentioned in Resume. Then she asked about my hobbies and about Engineering life and most important about Future Goals about study.

Finally they had selected 3 students. unluckily i was not one of them.

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