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Introduction to HTML CSS | Learn to Design your First Website in Just 1 Week

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This is an introduction course to HTML and CSS which will help you learn all about the basics of HTML and CSS needed to begin with Web Development.

Course Overview

In this course we will teach you the basics of HTML and CSS along with building a project which will be a single page website. That is by following this course you will also get the chance to practically apply that knowledge to design an actual website. We believe that the easiest and efficient way to learn anything is by actually doing it. So the idea is to teach you everything about HTML and CSS in the process of making the project.
Glimpse of the Final Project
Features of the Course:
  • Teaches you all of the basics of HTML and CSS needed to design a website.
  • You will get to practice your knowledge alongside.
  • You will get a project of your own by the end of this course.
  • Teaches you everything from the scratch, so even if you do not have any prior knowledge of HTML and CSS, it is completely fine.
  • This course also has section wise quizzes which will help you to test your knowledge so far.
  • This course is completely free of cost.
Prerequisites: There isn’t any prior knowledge needed to join this course. We will be covering everything from the scratch so even if you do not have any knowledge of web development then this is the perfect course to begin with. Development Environment: There isn’t any specific IDE needed to learn and practice this course. You just need a text-editor to type your code and a Web Browser to render it. However, we recommend using the Sublime Text Editor and Google Chrome Web Browser. Course Guidelines: Here are some guidelines to efficiently use the course.
  • Don’t hurry up: We recommend you to not hurry up and finish up the entire course in just one day by taking the course for long hours.
  • Practice Along Side: Repeatedly practice the course along side by typing the codes in your own code editor and render it in your browser.
  • Do not Copy Paste: Avoid directly copying and pasting the codes from our source to your editor. Instead, first try to understand the codes and type that code on your own. If you make a mistake and get a different output then comeback and match your code to ours to find out where you went wrong.
  • Do not Skip any section: Please do not skip any section by just reading the title.
  • Do not skip the Practice Quiz: Please do not skip the section wise quizzes in the hurry to learn the next section. The quizzes are specially designed to test your knowledge of a section you just completed.
That’s all of the information needed about the course. Let’s begin with the content of the course.

Course Contents

1. Structure of an HTML Document
2. Printing Hello World
3. Basics of HTML
4. Creating the project directories
5. Understanding and Building the project structure using HTML.
Practice Quiz 1
6. Basics of CSS
7. Creating Navigation Menu
8. Building Header of the Website
9. Building Main Content – Section 1
10. Building Main Content – Section 2
11. Building Main Content – Section 3
12. Completing the project | Building Footer
Practice Quiz 2
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HTML is the foundation of webpages, is used for webpage development by structuring websites and web apps.You can learn HTML from the ground up by following this HTML Tutorial and HTML Examples.

CSS is the foundation of webpages, is used for webpage development by styling websites and web apps.You can learn CSS from the ground up by following this CSS Tutorial and CSS Examples.

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