HTML5 | MathML <maction> tag

The HTML5 MathML <maction> tag is an inbuilt element of HTML5, that is used to show the bind action of any expression. You can use any selection attribute with this element.


<maction> child elements </maction> 

Attributes: The <maction> tag accepts below mentioned attributes:

  • actiontype: This attribute contains three types of action statusline, toggle and tooltip each of them behave differently.
  • class| id| style: This attribute is used to hold the styles of the child elements.
  • href: This attribute used to hold any hyperlink to a specified URL.
  • mathbackground: This attribute holds the value of the math expressions background color.
  • mathcolor: This attribute holds the color of the math expressions.
  • selection: The default value of this attribute is 1 means 1st child element. It holds the selection of the child elements

Below example will illustrates the concept of HTML5 MathML <maction> tag






<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>HTML5 maction tag</title>
            <h1 style="color:green">GeeksforGeeks</h1>
            <h3>HTML5 <maction> tag</h3>
                <maction actiontype="toggle">
            <p>Click the number</p>



Supported Browsers: The browsers are supported by HTML5 MathML <maction> tag are listed below:

  • Firefox

Note: (Till now no other browsers supported by MathML elements)


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