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Color Picker | List of all HTML Color Codes

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What is Color Picker ?

Color Picker is used to select the color from the color box. This color picker provides different color boxes with their appearance. You can select the color and get the selected color RGB and Hex Value. You can also change the RGB and hex value to check the color stream.

Click on any color in the below Hexagon to get the HTML code.

RGB Color Code

The RGB(Red, Green, Blue) color code is used to define the color of an HTML element by specifying their Red, Green, and Blue values in range 0 to 255. For example: RGB value of Red color is (255, 0, 0), Green color is (0, 255, 0), Blue color is (0, 0, 255) etc.


We use the following syntax to set the RGB color value using CSS.


color: rgb(r_val, g_val, b_val)

Hex Color Code or Hexadecimal Color Notation

The hexadecimal notation begins with # symbol followed by 6 characters, each character ranging from 0 to F. For example: Red #FF0000, Green #00FF00, Blue #0000FF etc.

We use the following syntax to set the Hex Color Value using CSS.


Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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