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HTML | Deprecated Tags

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The deprecated tags or attributes are those attributes which are replaced by some other attributes. The tag or attributes deprecated when the same attributes is achieved by some other way.
HTML Deprecated Tag: Complete list of deprecated tags are given below:

applet tagSpecify an appletobject tag
basefont tagSpecify a basefontfont style sheets
center tagUse to specify a centered Texttext-align:center
dir tagSpecify a directory listul tag
embed tagEmbed an application to HTML documentobject tag
font tagUsed to specify font text, size and colorfont-family, font-size, color
isindex tagSpecify a single-line input fieldform tag
menu tagSpecify a menu listul tag
plaintext tagSpecify a plaintextpre tag
s tagSpecify a strike through texttext-decoration
strike tagSpecify a strike through texttext-decoration
u tagSpecify underlined texttext-decoration
xmp tagSpecify preformatted textpre tag

HTML Deprecated Attributes: There are some attributes which are deprecated from HTML4. Some of these attributes are given below:

AttributeDescriptionAlternate Attributes
hspacespecify the horizontal space around the elementpadding attribute
align attributeUsed to specify the positioning of an elementtext-align, vertical-align
alink attributeSpecify color for selected linkactive attribute
background attributeSpecify background imagebackground-image
bgcolor attributeSpecify background colorbackground-color
bgcolor attributeSpecify background colorbackground-color
border attributeUsed to specify border width of an elementborder-width
height attributeSpecify height of body tagpadding attribute
language attributeSpecify scripting language being usedtype attribute
link attributeSpecify default color of links in the documentlink attribute
nowrap attributePrevent the text from wrapping within that table cellwhite-space
vlink attributeSpecify the color of visited linksvisited attribute
type attributeSpecify the type of list in li taglist-style-type
vspace attributeSpecify the amount of whitespace or padding that should appear above or below an elementpadding attribute
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Last Updated : 28 Feb, 2022
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