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What are Mathematical Puzzles and How to solve them?

Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2023
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A mathematical puzzle is a type of problem or game that involves using mathematical concepts, logic, and reasoning to find a solution. These puzzles often require creative thinking and a deep understanding of mathematical principles to solve. They can range from simple arithmetic puzzles to complex problems that require advanced mathematical knowledge.


Mathematical Puzzle

Practicing problems on mathematical Puzzles is a way to develop problem-solving skills, improve mathematical intuition, and enhance logical reasoning abilities. In this article, We are going to learn about Mathematical puzzles in-depth and How to solve Mathematical Problems easily.

We at GeeksforGeeks have tried to cover all the technical topics asked in competitive exams. We have provided tips and tricks to solve it in less time. By solving puzzles regularly at GeeksforGeeks, You will be able to master your skills to solve any Mathematical Puzzle and crack your desired examination.

Popular Mathematical Puzzles:


Puzzle Title

Asked in Company

1 Find ages of daughters Google, Microsoft
2 Calculate total distance travelled by bee Yahoo
3 Puzzle – 6×6 Grid: How Many Ways? Amazon, Zoho
4 Monty Hall problem VMWare
5 Torch and Bridge Google, Microsoft
6 2 Eggs and 100 Floors VMWare
7 Maximize the probability of White Ball Amazon
8 Poison and Rat Amazon
9 Hourglasses Puzzle Bank of America, Yahoo
10 The ratio of Boys and Girls in a Country where people want only boys Google, Goldman Sachs
11 Car Wheel Puzzle MakeMytrip
12 Maximum Chocolates Infosys, MakeMytrip
13 Puzzle | Splitting a Cake with a Missing Piece in two equal portion Alcatel-Lucent, Cognizant
14 Rs 500 Note Puzzle CAT, UPSC
15 Girl or Boy Amazon
16 Know Average Salary without Disclosing Individual Salaries Infosys, Bloomberg.
17 Maximum run in cricket FAANG
18 Completion of Task Reflexis Systems
19 Find missing Row in Excel philips
20 Four People on a Rickety Bridge Jumbotail, SAP
21 Man fell in well Puzzle American Express
22 50 red marbles and 50 blue marbles Google, Microsoft, JP morgan chase
23 Puzzle | Form Three Equilateral Triangles Google
24 10 identical bottles of pills ZS Associate
25 Puzzle | Maximum pieces that can be cut from a Circle using 6 straight lines TCS
26 Chain Link Puzzle cognizant
27 The shopkeeper and the lady who made a purchase of Rs 200 with fake note Persistent Systems
28 Egg Dropping Puzzle with 2 Eggs and K Floors Google, Microsoft
29 Minimum number of Apples to be collected from trees to guarantee M red apples Leetcode
30 Snail and Wall TCS
31 1000 light bulbs switched on/off by 1000 people passing by UK university interview
32 Puzzle | Four Alternating Knights Amazon, Google
33 TCS DIGITAL PUZZLE | Lateral Thinking 2 TCS
34 Puzzle | 100 Cows And Milk ZS
35 Puzzle | One Mile on the Globe Microsoft
36 TCS DIGITAL PUZZLE | Lateral Thinking TCS
37 Puzzle | The Counters and Board JP-morgan
38 Camel and Banana Puzzle Amazon, Yahoo
39 Puzzle | (Six Matches , Right Foot Forward) TCS
40 How much he had initially? IAS interview question
41 Puzzle | 3 cuts to cut round cake into 8 equal pieces Adobe, Citius Tech, Cognizant, blackrock
42 Two Creepers Climbing a Tree Adobe, Google, Microsoft

After solving the above puzzles you are able to solve any kind of mathematical Puzzle.

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