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How to Prepare for FAANG Interviews? – FAANG Interview Prep Plan

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2023
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How to prepare for FAANG interview? or How to get a job in FAANG companies? – It can be termed as one of the most asked questions by final year college students or even working professionals.


The career goal of a majority of the tech graduates is to get a job at FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix & Google) companies. Though the reasons behind it are very clear and justified like the FAANG work culture is very much balanced and productive, salary at FAANG is quite fascinating, and above all that, the learning exposure & career growth at FAANG or other such leading tech companies including Microsoft, Uber, etc is something unparalleled!

Meanwhile, the thing to know here is that the FAANG interview process is not an easy-to-go task, and to crack it, you need to be prepared really well with all the required tech or non-tech skills. You need to have quality learning resources along with a solid interview preparation plan & strategies to crack FAANG interviews by your side. However, individuals (particularly final year college students or freshers) often find it difficult to get the right interview preparation plan to get into the dream company.  

In this article, we’re going to provide you with several most-effective strategies that can surely help you to prepare for FAANG interviews quite efficiently:

1. Do Adequate Research About the Company and Targeted Job Profile

Whether you’re preparing for the interview at FAANG companies or any other renowned company like Adobe, Twitter, etc. – the very first thing that you need to do is do adequate research about the company, the targeted job profile, and understand its interview process clearly. You must know about the company’s core products or services, work culture, what skills are they looking for in a candidate for the particular job profile, how many interview rounds they often conduct, etc.

By doing this, you will not only find yourself in a comfortable position to prepare yourself really well for the interview but it will boost your confidence also to crack the FAANG interviews. Meanwhile, let us tell you – there generally occurs 5-7 interview rounds at FAANG and other such renowned giant companies.

2. Get Proficient With Required Tech Skills

This is indeed the most crucial phase of interview preparation – you’re required to get a stronghold over all the required tech skills or subjects for the FAANG Interviews.  

a) Programming Language: Firstly, what you are required to do is make yourself familiar with the programming concepts. Companies often ask various interview questions based on the programming languages, especially the basic or core concepts. You can pick out any of the standard and relevant programming languages like Java, Python, C++, etc. as per your preference or domain requirements and get your programming fundamentals thoroughly cleared with it.

b) Data Structures & Algorithms: Having proficiency with DSA skills is a must to crack FAANG interviews. Not only FAANG companies but almost every big tech company focuses on candidates’ Data Structure & Algorithms skills during the interviews. From basic Data Structures like Arrays, Strings, Stack, etc. to advanced ones like Tree, Graph, etc. to Analysis of Algorithms, Searching / Sorting, Dynamic Programming, etc. – you need to cover everything comprehensively.  

If you want to learn and master Data Structures & Algorithms in the most organized and efficient manner – then there is a DSA-Self Paced Course by GeeksforGeeks for you that covers all the DSA topics from basics to the advanced level and help you to prepare for interviews with top-notch companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, etc. The best part is – it is a self-paced course hence you can complete it at your own convenience and speed. Also, the course does not require any prior knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms and it covers all topics in two languages: C++ and Java.

c) Core CS Subjects: You need to know that you’re often asked numerous questions based on the core CS Subjects like Operating Systems, Computer Networks, and Database Management Systems during the tech interviews. Hence, you must prepare yourself well with these subjects and understand all the important concepts clearly to do well in your upcoming FAANG interview.  

d) System Design: System Design is another prominent subject to learn for FAANG interviews. Though learning System Design becomes more preferable for the candidates who’re applying for senior positions like SDE 2, SDE 3, Senior Software Engineer, etc. and for freshers, proficiency with other core subjects like operating systems or computer networks would be sufficient. However, as a fresher, if you would have at least a basic understanding of System Design fundamental concepts then it may provide you with an edge over other candidates during the interview.

To make your interview preparation process a bit efficient and hassle-free, you must check out this GeeksforGeeks Complete Interview Preparation Course that extensively prepares you with all the areas required for a tech interview like programming languages, Data Structures & Algorithms, core computer science subjects, etc. along with aptitude & reasoning in a single place. This Complete Interview Preparation course is particularly designed for the Pre-final/Final year Students and Working Professionals to help them out in landing their dream job.

3. Practice as Many Programming Problems as You Can

Moving further, you are recommended to do adequate practice and solve as many programming problems as you can to strengthen your knowledge and programming skills. It not only helps you to become familiar with the type of programming problems asked in the interview rounds but also increases your efficiency to solve these problems. And, without any doubt, Data Structures & Algorithms is more about practicing – hence, the more problems you will solve, the more proficient you’ll become with DSA skills. Along with this, you can also participate in several standard coding contests and challenges for more programming exposure and it will also boost your resume.  

4. Be Prepared for Questions Based on Your Technical Projects

One of the most common mistakes by candidates while preparing out for the FAANG interview or any other tech interview is – they often tend to miss out on preparing for the questions based on the projects that they’ve mentioned in their resume or portfolio. Candidates are usually asked various questions, based on projects, in the technical interview rounds such as how you dealt with the challenges that arise during project development, questions related to tools & tech stacks used for the project, its real-time applications, what was the approach for managing the project, etc.

These questions not only allow the interviewers to assess your technical proficiency but also let them assess your other non-tech or soft skills.

5. Practice with Mock Interviews and Test Series

Okay, one of the best ways to assess your interview preparation level for FAANG interviews is taking mock interviews and solving test series. You can take the help of your mentor, seniors, friends, etc. who can take your mock interview and give you the right feedback for your performance. GFG got the exact course for you that will prepare you for product-based companies and help you get your dream job. Check out Complete Test Series for Product-Based Companies by GeeksforGeeks to fulfill your Interview Preparation needs. Practice 1000+ company-specific interview questions to improve your chances of getting a job at product-based companies like Amazon, Meta, Google, Microsoft & more.

So, these are some of the fundamental steps that one must follow while preparing out for the interview of FAANG companies. Other than that, some of the additional best tips to crack FAANG interviews are listed below:

  • Prepare a Professional Resume
  • Participate in Standard Coding Challenges
  • Work on Required Analytical and Soft-Skills
  • Grow Your Professional Network and Ask for Referrals

In the end, a job opportunity at FAANG is undoubtedly something worthwhile and prestigious – however, to get into your dream company or to crack the FAANG interview, you require some serious level of interview preparation. You need to put all the effort to get success!

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