Puzzle 33 | ( Rs 500 Note Puzzle )

A Lady (L) bought an item of Rs 100 from the Shopkeeper (C). She paid him through a 500 Rs Note. Realizing that he did not have change, the shopkeeper C got change for that note from another shopkeeper (S) and paid Rs 400 to the Lady.

After a few days, S realized that the note is fake, And this railed at C and took 500 Rs back from him.

So in this whole process how much money did C loose in the end?


Answer: 500
The total loss must be equal to total profit. Here the loser is C and the gainer is L.
Note: S doesn’t gain anything because he just got his money back.
So, loss of C = gain of L = 100(for product) + 400(cash) = Rs.500

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