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Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database for build applications designed by Microsoft. It is highly responsive, scalable, and fully automated. Azure Cloud… Read More
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Microsoft came for hiring in August 2019 on our campus for a 2-month Internship. I had a total of 3 rounds (1 online + 1… Read More
Word Processing Software :The word “word processor” means it processes words with pages and paragraphs. Word processors are of 3 types which are electronic, mechanical,… Read More
One of my colleagues from a previous company at Microsoft has referred me for the SDE-1 position. And a month later they have called me… Read More
Round 1 (Shortlisting): Had three coding questions. The level of difficulty was easy-moderate. The first question was on maps, the second on the Coin change… Read More
Recently Microsoft has visited our campus for hiring pre-final year students for 6 months software developer internship roles. There were not so many strict eligibility… Read More
Due to covid-19, this year’s hiring procedure was purely online. The eligibility criteria this year was as follows: Undergraduate CGPA- 7.5 Class XII- 80% Class… Read More
Given an array arr[] consisting of N positive integers, and an integer K, the task is to find the maximum possible even sum of any… Read More
Round 1: Delete Nth node from the end of the given linked list. I gave the straight forward solution and tested it in codility. Traverse… Read More
Microsoft visited our campus to hire pre-final year students for the Software Engineering Intern role. Around 270 students appeared for the online test. Online Test:… Read More
Recently Microsoft arrived at our campus for an internship. It was open for CSE with CGPA 7 or above and for EEE, ECE with CGPA… Read More
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Round 1 (Written) : 62 mcq questions in 1 hour. The level of paper was tough. Only 7 were shortlisted. The questions was based on… Read More