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Puzzle | (Six Matches , Right Foot Forward)

Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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Given six matchsticks. The task is that you have to rearrange them to make nothing.

Approach 1: The puzzle is to make something from the 6 matches which represents nothing. We have to arrange the 6 matches in some particular order like the mention below: 

Approach 2 : 0 indicates nothing.

RIGHT FOOT FORWARD : A short man takes three steps to a tall man’s two steps. They both start out on the left foot. How many steps do they have to take before they are both stepping out on the right foot together? 

Solution: The exact answer is they will never step out with right feet together, if both the people take equal steps. But if there is a difference between the steps taken from both the persons then we find that after 3 steps for tall man and 5 steps for short man, the right foot of both together as follows: 

Tall : 0 L R L R 
Short: 0 L R L R L R 

References : 
The six matches 
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