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Tag Archives: Analytical Mathematical Puzzles

Given an array arr[] of integers and an integer K, the task is to find the minimum number of operations required to make every Kth… Read More
This is a rough sketch of the finish of a race up a staircase in which three men took part. Ackworth, who is leading, went… Read More
Picture this: Two friends, A, and B, find themselves in a thrilling yet terrifying game of life and death. They are captured by a gang… Read More
If an airplane makes a round trip and the wind is blowing, is the trip time shorter, longer, or the same as without wind? Round… Read More
A farmer bought chickens for 4 unique clients on a selected day. Each customer buys half the amount of chicken left till his turn and… Read More
Puzzle: What is the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand on a clock if the time is 3:15? Angle Between Hour and… Read More
Given 10 stacks of 10 coins each. One of these stacks of coins contains only counterfeit coins, the other stacks do not. A genuine coin… Read More
Question:  An hour hand and a minute hand are standard on a clock. At 12 midnight the hands are exactly aligned. When will they next… Read More
Question: In thirty minutes on a deserted road, there is a 95% chance of seeing a vehicle. What are the probabilities of seeing a vehicle… Read More
Question: It turned into a cocktail celebration in New York where I met Stephanie. We exchanged our telecell smartphone numbers and determined to fulfil every… Read More
Question: Jasmine and rose creepers are two creepers (climbing plants) that are both climbing up and around a cylindrical tree trunk. Both jasmine and rose… Read More
Question: A woman has two kids. There is one boy. What are the odds that the other child is a boy as well? How does… Read More
Question:  99% of a watermelon is water, 100 pounds of watermelon is available. After a week of sun drying, the shrivelled watermelon was only 98%… Read More
Question: You are in a spaceship with an n-processor computer. Suddenly, the spaceship is hit by an alien laser beam and some of the processors… Read More
Question:Two men were dining together. Five loaves of bread were brought by the first man, and three by the second. Ali, a third man, arrived… Read More

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