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Print media must be celebrated for assisting the growth of nationalism in India during the early twentieth century. Many great thinkers, social reformers, revolutionaries were… Read More
When the oxygen level of an area of the water body becomes low, that area is called Dead Zone. This area is also known as… Read More
The Representation of the People Act, 1951 of the Indian Constitution, enlisted in Articles 324 to 328, delineates the conduct of elections throughout the nation.… Read More
The primary function of every legislature is to make laws for the citizens of the country. The law making-process always follows a definite procedure, some… Read More
The medieval era saw a major social and religious movement in the Islamic world called the Sufi movement. In India, along with the Bhakti movement,… Read More
In a democracy, power is conferred upon people in their pursuit of quality life. With professional consultation and knowledge of the administrative machinery, the democratic… Read More
Our atmosphere envelopes earth like a blanket of a constantly fluctuating mixture of various gases. Its extent is approximately 950 km. Its density decreases with… Read More
Most of the countries in the world today have representative forms of government. In a representative democracy, individuals are voted to power by the citizens… Read More
The sustainability of any democracy depends on the trust between the public and the public institutions, that is why it becomes paramount to hold these… Read More
Wetlands are distinct ecosystems, that are flooded either permanently or temporarily resulting in an anoxic (oxygen-free) environment and hydric soils. These may be considered as… Read More
In the pre-colonial period, the Indian economy was predominantly agrarian and the primary occupation of the people was agriculture. The British conquerors tried to derive… Read More
The Caste system and division have been the most dominant and the most prevalent way to practice social stratification in India. The traditional system has… Read More
The Battle of Plassey (23 June 1757) was the turning point in the economic history of British India. After this war, the Britishers started to… Read More
Mass transportation is the movement of people within a certain area by using group travel transportation systems such as buses, metro, trains, etc. Mass transport… Read More
Democracy is universally considered the best type of government. What separates it from other types of government, a democratic government comprises a ruler by people’s… Read More

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