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What are Logical Puzzles And How to Solve them?

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A Logical Puzzle is a type of intellectual challenge or problem-solving exercise that requires a person to use his brain, deductive reasoning, and logical analysis to arrive at a solution or conclusion. These puzzles often involve a set of rules or constraints that must be followed to reach the correct answer, and they can come in various forms and levels of complexity.


Rubik’s Cube Puzzle

Key characteristics of logical puzzles include:

  1. Rules and Constraints: Logical puzzles are typically accompanied by a set of rules, conditions, or constraints that define the problem’s parameters. These rules serve as the foundation for solving the puzzle.
  2. Objective: Every logical puzzle has a specific objective or question that needs to be answered or a solution that needs to be found. Solving the puzzle involves achieving this objective within the given constraints.
  3. Logical Reasoning: Solving logical puzzles requires logical reasoning skills, including deduction and inference. You must make logical deductions based on the given information to progress toward a solution.
  4. No Randomness: Logical puzzles do not rely on chance or randomness. They are designed to be solved using systematic, logical steps.
  5. Variety of Forms: Logical puzzles come in a wide range of forms and formats. Some common types include logic grid puzzles, Sudoku, riddles, cryptograms, and brain teasers. Each type of puzzle presents a unique challenge and may require different types of logical thinking.
  6. Problem Solving: Logical puzzles are often used as a form of entertainment, education, or cognitive exercise. They can be found in books, newspapers, magazines, and online platforms.
  7. Single or Multi-Step: Logical puzzles can involve a series of steps to reach a solution, or they may require a single insight or deduction to crack.

We at GeeksforGeeks have tried to cover all theological puzzles asked in placement Companies. We have provided tips and tricks to solve it in less time. By solving puzzles regularly at GeeksforGeeks, You will be able to master your skills to solve any Logical Puzzle and crack your desired examination.

Popular Examples Of Logical Puzzle Include:

  • Riddles and Brain Teasers: In this type of Puzzle, a few of statement is given to you and on the basis of that statements you have to find out the answer o the given Question.
  • Sudoku: Sudoku is a type of arrangement type puzzle, in which there is a grid of 9 *9 with digits so that each row and each column contains all the digit from 1 to 9.

How to solve Puzzles:

To solve Below puzzles One should follow the below steps:

  • Read the Clues or Hints Given Carefully.
  • On the basis of the Clues Try to Eliminate the other Options
  • After following the clues Given, Just Combine all the possible answer
  • And At last, Just find out the best possible solution of the Question.

Popular Logical Puzzles:


Puzzle Title

Asked in 

1Pay an employee using a gold rod of 7 units ?FAANG, Ola cabs
2Find the fastest 3 horsesAccolite, Goldman Sachs, MakeMyTrip
3Finding the injection for AnesthesiaGoogle, Yahoo
43 Bulbs and 3 SwitchesMakeMyTrip, Qualcomm
5Camel and Banana PuzzleAmazon, Yahoo
6Find the Jar with contaminated pillsMakeMyTrip
7100 Prisoners with Red/Black HatsGoogle, Microsoft
810 Coins PuzzleGoogle, Yahoo
9Strategy for a 2-Player Coin GameTCS
105 Pirates and 100 Gold CoinsMicrosoft
11Minimum cut PuzzleAmazon
12Prisoner and Policeman PuzzleMicrosoft
13Puzzle – Cheating HusbandMicrosoft, Google
14Puzzle – Blind GamesBloomberg L.P.
15Puzzle – Chameleons go on a dateAmazon
16Heaven and HellAmazon, Infosys
17Mislabeled JarsGoogle, Microsoft
188 balls problemMicrosoft, Simence
19Cheryl’s Birthday Puzzle and SolutionFacebook, Whatsapp, Singapore math Olympic
20Puzzle – The Lion and the UnicornThe Access Group (UK), TCS
21Farmer, Goat, Wolf, and CabbagInfosys
22Water Jug ProblemWells Fargo
23Blind man and PillsMentor Graphics
24The Burning CandlesWipro
25Puzzle | The Burning CandlesWipro, IBM, TCS
26Rat and Poisonous Milk BottlesGoogle
27Measuring 6L water from 4L and 9L bucketsMicrosoft
28Six Houses P, Q, R, S, T, and UCAT Quiz
29Melting CandlesFaang
30Red Hat vs Blue HatMicrosoft
31Puzzle | Joint family of seven persons (L, M, N, O, P, Q, and R)TCS
32Puzzle | The Circle of LightsMicrosoft, Bloomberg
33Puzzle | 9 Students and Red Black HatsGoogle
34Light all the bulbsMicrosoft, Bloomberg
35Distribute the WaterMicrosoft
36Puzzle | Can 2 persons be with same number of hairs on their heads?oppo, inflame
37Weight of Heavy BallIBM

After solving the above puzzles you are able to solve any kind of Logical Puzzle.

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Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2023
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