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35 Animal Riddles with Answers

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Animal riddles are puzzles or questions that involve animals as the subject. It requires knowledge about the characteristics, habits, or physical features of animals, challenging people to guess the correct answer.


Below are the 35 animal riddles with answers:

Animal Riddles:

  1. It takes me two weeks to digest food, but I’m not noted for being fast. What am I?
  2. I like to hop around, and I’m a tadpole when I’m young. I am green and I croak and catch flies with my long tongue. What am I?
  3. I have horns but I can’t beep. I like to bleat but I’m not a sheep. What am I?
  4. I’m born pink in colour but then change to black and white. I’m easy to feed, as my favourite food is bamboo. What animal am I?
  5. I’m able to turn my head around 270 degrees and I’m noted for being quiet in flight. What bird am I?
  6. I’m the only mammal that can’t jump. What animal am I?
  7.  I jump when I walk and sit when I stand. What am I?
  8. I live in the ocean and move slowly. I eat clams and have five arms. What am I?
  9. I have a hole in my back and legs I lack. I live where I can’t breathe and I eat without teeth. What am I?
  10. I am known as a king and the jungle’s where I reign. It is hard to tame me, and I have a large mane. What am I?
  11. I live in the woods. I am very big and furry. I like to eat fish and berries. I love honey as much as you do. What am I?
  12.  I wear a tuxedo in the snow and skate on my tummy across the ice. What am I?
  13.  I have a mane but I’m not a lion and I wear my shoes to bed. What am I?
  14. Play me with a ball and bat or hear me chirp in a top hat. What am I?
  15. I live upside down. I see with my ears and don’t use my eyes, and on Halloween, I’ll give you a big surprise. What am I?
  16.  I’ve got lumps on my back and I live on the sand. I’m strong and I carry you over the land. What am I?
  17. I have wings but I am not a bird. I am small, colorful, and beautiful. I live in gardens and fields and forests. I used to be a caterpillar. What am I?
  18. I have two long ears, and I don’t walk, I hop. What am I?
  19. I hide my treasure in the ground, my tail is big and fluffy. If you spot me in a tree, please don’t call me scruffy. What am I?
  20. You might be called this animal if someone thinks that you’re afraid. This is something that you might eat, as well as its eggs that it laid. What animal am I?
  21. I am a strange creature, hovering in the air, moving from here to there, with a brilliant flare. Some say I sing, but others say I have no voice, so I just hum as a matter of choice. What am I?
  22. He’s small but he can climb a tower.
  23. I’m a pet that has four legs, and a tail at the end. You might hear me barking, and I’m known as man’s best friend.
  24. I have no sword, I have no spear, yet rule a horde which many fear, my soldiers fight with wicked sting, I rule with might, yet am no king. What am I?
  25. My name is spelled similar to a type of alcohol, and like a drunk, I can sleep for a long long time. I also rhyme with the thing humans need the most. What am I?
  26. If a man would carry my burden he would break his back. I am not rich but leave silver in my track.
  27. What king can you make if you take the head of a lamb, the middle of a pig, the hind of a buffalo, and the tail of a dragon?
  28. I have three heads. Cut off one, I become stronger. Cut off two, I become ten. What am I?
  29. What kind of music do rabbits like?
  30. What goes in the water black and comes out red?
  31. I can jump, I can swim, I swing from tree to tree and I make a house much bigger than myself. What am I?
  32.  What animal would you get crossed a duck, a beaver, and an otter?
  33. I eat animals but I don’t hunt or kill. What am I?
  34. You say “hey” but I eat it. I say “neigh”. What am I?
  35. I’m grey and I say ‘Eeyore.’ What am I?


  1. A sloth
  2. A frog
  3. A goat
  4. A panda bear
  5. An owl
  6. An elephant
  7. A kangaroo
  8. A starfish
  9. A whale
  10. A lion
  11. A bear
  12. A penguin
  13. A horse
  14. A cricket
  15. A bat
  16. A camel
  17. A butterfly
  18. A rabbit
  19. A squirrel
  20.  A chicken
  21. A hummingbird
  22. An ant
  23. A dog
  24. A queen bee
  25. A bear
  26. Snail
  27. Lion
  28. Fox
  29. Hip Hop
  30. Lobster
  31. Spider
  32. A platypus
  33. A vulture
  34. Horse
  35. Donkey

These riddles can be a fun way to learn more about different animals and their unique characteristics.

Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2023
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