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American Express had visited the campus for recruitment of CFR/EDA interns in September 2020. The recruitment process included 2 rounds for shortlisting students for interviews… Read More
American Express visited our campus on 23rd August 2020 for the position of Software Engineer Trainee at Gurgaon/Bangalore Location. There were 3 rounds for selection… Read More
American Express came to our college on 15th September 2020. Round 1(OT): We had to finish 3 questions within 1.5 hours. I finished in 58… Read More
American Express came to our campus in September 2020 for hiring interns. Round 1 (Online Test): Consisted of 60 MCQs related to Aptitude, Verbal, Code… Read More
Online Round: There were two coding questions. These questions were different for everybody. Many students were able to do both so they both were generally… Read More
American Express came to my college in the month of August 2020 for 2 Roles: Technical and EDA/CFR. They offered only an internship in the… Read More
American Express recently visited Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh for placements offering Internship+Full Time offers for TECH as well as EDA/CFR roles. The recruitment process of… Read More
Round 1: Platform was mettl. 60 mcqs in 45 mins and 2 codes in 30 mins. Codes were very easy. They shortlisted 35 students for… Read More
American Express recently visited to Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore for campus placements offering Internship+Full Time offers for EDA/CFR role. The recruitment process of American… Read More
Round1: Coding Round Round2: Coding Round Q1:- Given an array nums and two sliding windows of size K & L which don’t have any element… Read More
Round 1: GHCI Shortlist interview Round2: Coding  Round3: Telephonic (38 mins) Q1 Introduce yourself? Q2 Explain your project. Q3 What are objects in java? Q4… Read More
Selection Process and Rounds  1. CV shortlist  2. Online Test 3. Interview (3 Rounds)  The 1st round was an OT round and was in 2 parts. In… Read More
Round 1: CV shortlist  Round 2: Online Test  Round 3: Interview (2 Rounds)  Online Test : We had two tests. One was technical and the other one was behavioral.… Read More
Round 1: Technical and Aptitude Assessment MCQs based on Aptitude Output-based SQL Two simple coding questions. Round 2: Technical Interview Given a list [1, 2,… Read More
Round 1: The first round was a hackathon(coding contest) conducted on Hackerearth platform. There were three coding questions, two questions were based on arrays and… Read More