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Puzzle | Man fell in well Puzzle

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A man fell in a 50m deep well. He climbs 4 meters up and slips 3 meters down in one day. How many days would it take for him to come out of the well?

Answer: 47days


  • On the first day, the man climbs 4 meters up and slips 3 meters down, therefore he only climbs 1 meter up totally.
  • On the second day, again he climbs 1 meter up, so the total distance climbed is 2 meters till the second day. Therefore, the man climbs 1 meter every day.

Now as per the above pattern, on the 46th day, he must have climbed 46 meters. So on the 47th day, he climbs full (46 + 4) 50 meters and after that, he will not slip as he is already out of the well so the answer is 47 days.

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Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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