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Every year GS conducts the Engineering Campus Hiring Program for the hiring of Engineering graduates and postgraduates all over India for the role of FTEs… Read More
I applied through the company’s career portal for the Goldman Sachs’ Engineering Campus Hiring Program 2020. Around 1.5 lakh students from all over India (2021… Read More
Online coding round (Hackerrank): 2 easy coding questions; Time: 120 minutes Game of Book Cricket. Simple string encoding-decoding problem. https://leetcode.com/discuss/interview-question/334671/goldman-sacks-july-2019-hackerrank-2 After clearing the online test,… Read More
Round 1: Introduce yourself We spoke for 10 mins over my resume. Asked me to explain my projects. The problems I faced while building the… Read More
I applied through the company’s career portal. Applications ended on 6th August. On 7th August I received a mail that the aptitude test is scheduled… Read More
Around 200 students appeared for the online round which consisted of 2 Easy-Medium Coding questions and 1 Advanced Level Coding Question along with 10 MCQ’s… Read More
Goldman Sachs came to our college in the last week of October 2020. The recruitment process consisted of mainly 3 rounds: Aptitude Test Round 1… Read More
Given an array arr[] consisting of N integers, the task is to find the maximum index K such that the product of subarrays {arr[0], arr[K]}… Read More
Goldman Sachs had an off-campus drive called Engineering Campus Hiring Program 2020 which offered an internship to batch 2022 of B.Tech and Full-time offer to… Read More
Round 1 (Online Assessment Test): Platform was HackerRank with tab proctoring and webcam proctoring enabled. This round consisted of 5 sections(There was section-wise time limit)… Read More
Details and Criteria: Years of Experience: 2 Years Prior Experience: Software Engineer in an MNC Position: Software Engineer (Analyst) role Location: Bangalore, India The recruiter… Read More
I went through a total of 6 rounds. The overall assessment was mainly focused on Data Structures and Algorithms. My preferred language was java throughout.… Read More
The process consisted of 1 online coding round , 3  tech interview rounds and 1 HR interview round. Online Coding Round : It consisted of… Read More
I was contacted by a recruiter through Linkedin. At that time I had just started in an XYZ firm as a software engineer. I had… Read More