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Amazon wow is special recruitment drive for women conducted in May every year Full time roles for final year student Internship for pre-final year students.… Read More
Round 1: Online Assessment Amazon Fresh Deliveries: Given all Locations list of co-ordinates (x,y) you have to find the X – closest locations from truck’s… Read More
I had been constantly applying for SDE roles through the amazon jobs portal. Eventually, I got an invite for an Online Assessment in September 2021… Read More
Amazon arrived for hiring in the last week of Sept 2021 on our campus for the 6 months Software Development Engineer Role. We had a… Read More
I had 2 technical rounds on Amazon Chime. For all DSA questions, I asked about given data types, corner cases, and return type(s). Technical Round… Read More
Round 1: Two questions were discussed. Most frequent subtree sum in a binary tree. (Using hashing and postorder traversal) Round 2: Coding question… Read More
I was interviewed for the SDE-1 role at Amazon and I take this opportunity to share my experience. Round 1: Coding Assessment: Before the technical… Read More
I applied for the 2 months SDE intern role through Amazon WOW drive 2021. There were a total of 3 rounds for people who applied… Read More
Online Test, 2 Technical Rounds, 1 Hiring Manager Round, 1 Technical Round. Online Test One easy sorting based question Shortest Path problem(BFS) Both were doable… Read More
Round 1(OA Assessment – 2 hrs): It was conducted in HackerEarth. 3 Programming Questions were asked Round 2(Technical Interview – 1 HR) Self Intro Directly… Read More
Online Test: There were 4 sections in the online test which was held in the month of August. Debugging questions (Easy) Coding Questions (Easy-Medium) General… Read More
In the month of April – May Hackathon named HackOn was held on the HackerEarth platform by Amazon. Round 1: Coding Round Time: 3 questions… Read More
Amazon arrived for hiring in the last week of July 2021 on our campus for the Software Development Engineer Role. We had a total of… Read More
Content Removed Hey geek! It’s time to become a success story instead of reading them. Check out our most renowned DSA Self Paced Course, now… Read More
Amazon visited our college this year. They currently are on a massive hiring spree, and anyone with decent knowledge can get into it. This is… Read More