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Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. It… Read More
Round 1: Was just a phone call with a local person giving me instructions and what to study for round 2. Round 2: Google meeting… Read More
I was shortlisted for Google Summer Intern(Step),2022. I know that I might be exaggerating it but for a student from a Tier 3 college, this… Read More
Before giving the interview for Application Engineer at Google, I had tried for the roles of Software Developer as well as Strategic Cloud Engineer, which… Read More
Round 1 (Resume Selection Round): The shorter and the plainer the better it will look! One should make a resume precise and short because it… Read More
In March 2022, Google held GOCC44 (Google’s Online Coding Challenge ), a hackathon specifically designed for women. The team members received URLs for the coding… Read More
Code Jam is Google’s global coding competition, It started back in 2003 as a competition limited to the topcoder area. It got its global face… Read More
In January 2022 I got a mail from a Google Recruiter for the opportunity. First Round was scheduled for 28th February 2022. It was the… Read More
Google is a dream company for everyone and getting into Google is like a dream come true.I was interviewed by Google for Software Development Role… Read More
I applied to Google IT support Engineering Profile by Referral from one of my friends, Initially, I provided my Resume and Transcript of all my… Read More
Google India had released the applications for SWE Summer STEP Intern 2022 in November. There was a resume screening round initially. Once my resume was… Read More
Round 1 – Resume shortlisting Round 2 – Recruiter call (15-20 mins phone conversation) Round 3 – Phone interview (45 mins technical interview conducted on… Read More
Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science that focuses on using data and algorithms to mimic the way people learn,… Read More
There is an N x M rectangular island that borders both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific Ocean touches the island’s left… Read More
Given an array arr[] denoting the radius of circular pizzas and an integer N denoting the number of friends. The task is to calculate the… Read More

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