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Java 8 Features – Complete Tutorial

Last Updated : 26 May, 2023
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Java 8 is the most awaited release of Java programming language development because, in the entire history of Java, it never release that many major features. It consists of major features of Java. It is a new version of Java and was released by Oracle on 18 March 2014. Java provided support for functional programming, new Java 8 APIs, a new JavaScript engine, new Java 8 streaming API, functional interfaces, default methods, date-time API changes, etc.

Java 8 Tutorial


This Tutorial covers all the important Java 8 features like Java 8 APIs, Java arrays, Java 8 ArrayList, and many more included in Java 8 programming language.

Java 8 Features

Lambda Expressions

Lambda Expression basically expresses an instance of the functional interface, in other words, you can say it provides a clear and concise way to represent a method of the functional interface using an expression. Lambda Expressions are added in Java 8.

Functional Interfaces

An interface that contains only one abstract method is known as a functional interface, but there is no restriction, you can have n number of default and static methods inside a functional interface.

Method Reference

Method reference is a shorthand notation of a lambda expression to call a method. There are four types of method references that are as follows:

  • Static Method Reference
  • Instance Method Reference of a particular object
  • Instance Method Reference of an arbitrary object of a particular type
  • Constructor Reference.

Example: -> n > 5).sorted().forEach(System.out::println);


Stream API is introduced in Java 8 and is used to process collections of objects with the functional style of coding using the lambda expression. So to understand what stream API is, you must have knowledge of both lambda and functional interfaces.

Java Stream Programs

Java Stream Methods

Comparable and Comparator

Optional Class

Date/Time API


FAQs on Java 8

Q1: What are the features of java8?

  • default and static methods
  • Functional Interfaces and Lambda Expressions
  • Collection API
  • Java Time API
  • forEach() method
  • Concurrency API
  • Java Stream API

Q2: What advantages does Java 8 bring?

  • Code is more concise and readable
  • Code is more reusable
  • Code is more testable and maintainable
  • Code is now both callable and concurrent
  • Users can write parallel code
  • Users can write database-like operations
  • Applications now perform better
  • Code is far more productive

Q3: What is a functional interface?

A functional interface is an interface that contains just one abstract method.

Q4: How are functional interfaces and Lambda Expressions related?

Lambda expressions are applied only to the functional interface’s abstract method.

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