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  1. Prime Numbers
  2. Special prime numbers
  3. Prime numbers and Fibonacci
  4. Left-Truncatable Prime
  5. Mersenne Prime
  6. Super Prime
  7. Palindromic Primes
  8. Sophie Germain Prime
  9. Almost Prime Numbers
  10. Twin Prime Numbers
  11. Pernicious number
  12. Twisted Prime Number
  13. Balanced Prime
  14. Sexy Prime
  15. Pierpont Prime
  16. Newman–Shanks–Williams prime
  17. Right-Truncatable Prime
  18. Prime Triplet
  19. Hardy-Ramanujan Theorem
  20. Rosser’s Theorem
  21. Fermat’s little theorem
  22. Composite Number
  23. Euclid Euler Theorem
  24. Euclid’s Lemma
  25. Bertrand’s Postulate
  26. Legendre’s Conjecture
  27. The Ulam Spiral
  28. Co-prime pair with given sum minimum difference
  29. Primality Test | Set 1 (Introduction and School Method)
  30. Primality Test | Set 2 (Fermat Method)
  31. Primality Test | Set 3 (Miller–Rabin)
  32. Primality Test | Set 4 (Solovay-Strassen)
  33. Primality Test | Set 5 (Using Lucas-Lehmer Series)
  34. Vantieghems Theorem for Primality Test
  35. AKS Primality Test
  36. Lucas Primality Test
  37. 2^x + 1 and Prime
  38. Recursive program for prime number
  39. Circular primes less than n
  40. Check a number for Permutable Prime
  41. Check whether a number is Emirpimes or not
  42. Check if a number is sandwiched between primes
  43. Check whether a number is semiprime or not
  44. Check if given number is Emirp Number or not
  45. Check whether a number is circular prime or not
  46. Check whether given three numbers are adjacent primes
  47. Check if a number is Full Prime
  48. Check if two numbers are co-prime or not
  49. Check whether a number can be expressed as a product of single digit numbers
  50. Check if a number can be written as a sum of ‘k’ prime numbers
  51. Twin Prime Numbers between 1 and n
  52. Finding a Non Transitive Coprime Triplet in a Range
  53. Largest number in [2, 3, .. n] which is co-prime with numbers in [2, 3, .. m]
  54. Sum of largest divisible powers of p (a prime number) in a range
  55. Express an odd number as sum of prime numbers
  56. Queries for maximum difference between prime numbers in given ranges
  57. Recursive sum of digits of a number is prime or not
  58. Number of co-prime pairs in an array
  59. Count Primes in Ranges
  60. Count pairs with sum as a prime number and less than n
  61. N expressed as sum of 4 prime numbers
  62. Prime Number of Set Bits in Binary Representation
  63. Analysis of Different Methods to find Prime Number in Python
  64. An interesting solution to get all prime numbers smaller than n
  65. Insert minimum number in array so that sum of array becomes prime
  66. Find the prime numbers which can written as sum of most consecutive primes
  67. Find coordinates of a prime number in a Prime Spiral
  68. Program to find sum of prime numbers between 1 to n
  69. Print prime numbers from 1 to N in reverse order
  70. Finding n-th number made of prime digits (2, 3, 5 and 7) only
  71. Find two prime numbers with given sum
  72. Find the highest occurring digit in prime numbers in a range
  73. Prime points (Points that split a number into two primes)
  74. Program for Goldbach’s Conjecture (Two Primes with given Sum)

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