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Recent Articles on GCD and LCM !

  1. GCD and LCM
  2. LCM of array
  3. GCD of array
  4. Basic and Extended Euclidean algorithms
  5. Product of given N fractions in reduced form
  6. GCD of two numbers when one of them can be very large
  7. Stein’s Algorithm for finding GCD
  8. GCD, LCM and Distributive Property
  9. Replace every matrix element with maximum of GCD of row or column
  10. GCD of two numbers formed by n repeating x and y times
  11. Count number of pairs (A <= N, B <= N) such that gcd (A , B) is B
  12. Array with GCD of any of its subset belongs to the given array
  13. First N natural can be divided into two sets with given difference and co-prime sums
  14. Minimum gcd operations to make all array elements one
  15. Program to find GCD of floating point numbers
  16. GCD of digits of a given number
  17. Series with largest GCD and sum equals to n
  18. Find pair with maximum GCD in an array
  19. GCD of elements in a given range
  20. Minimum operations to make GCD of array a multiple of k
  21. Largest Subset with GCD 1
  22. Queries for GCD of all numbers of an array except elements in a given range
  23. Summation of GCD of all the pairs up to N
  24. Largest subsequence having GCD greater than 1
  25. Largest subarray with GCD one
  26. Count pairs of natural numbers with GCD equal to given number
  27. Count number of subsets of a set with GCD equal to a given number
  28. Pair with maximum GCD from two arrays
  29. LCM of factorial and its neighbors
  30. Find LCM of rational numbers
  31. LCM of First n Natural Numbers
  32. LCM of digits of a given number
  33. Maximum sum of distinct numbers with LCM as N
  34. HCF of array of fractions (or rational numbers)
  35. Program to find HCF iteratively
  36. Least Common Denominator (LCD)
  37. Program to find GCD or HCF of two numbers
  38. Find max of two Rational numbers
  39. Smallest number divisible by n and has at-least k trailing zeros
  40. Check whether right angled triangle is valid or not for large sides
  41. Inbuilt function for calculating LCM in C++
  42. Minimum steps to come back to starting point in a circular tour
  43. Given GCD G and LCM L, find number of possible pairs (a, b)
  44. Maximum sum of distinct numbers such that LCM of these numbers is N
  45. Check if LCM of array elements is divisible by a prime number or not
  46. Finding LCM of more than two (or array) numbers without using GCD
  47. Check if elements of array can be made equal by multiplying given prime numbers
  48. N-th multiple in sorted list of multiples of two numbers
  49. Print the kth common factor of two numbers
  50. Smallest number to multiply to convert floating point to natural
  51. Check if possible to move from given coordinate to desired coordinate

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