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  1. Search in a row wise and column wise sorted matrix
  2. Print a given matrix in spiral form
  3. A Boolean Matrix Question
  4. Print unique rows in a given boolean matrix
  5. Maximum size square sub-matrix with all 1s
  6. Inplace M x N size matrix transpose | Updated
  7. Print Matrix Diagonally
  8. Dynamic Programming | Set 27 (Maximum sum rectangle in a 2D matrix)
  9. Strassen’s Matrix Multiplication
  10. Create a matrix with alternating rectangles of O and X
  11. Find the row with maximum number of 1s
  12. Print all elements in sorted order from row and column wise sorted matrix
  13. Given an n x n square matrix, find sum of all sub-squares of size k x k
  14. Count number of islands where every island is row-wise and column-wise separated
  15. Given a matrix of ‘O’ and ‘X’, replace ‘O’ with ‘X’ if surrounded by ‘X’
  16. Find the longest path in a matrix with given constraints
  17. Given a Boolean Matrix, find k such that all elements in k’th row are 0 and k’th column are 1.
  18. Find the largest rectangle of 1’s with swapping of columns allowed
  19. Validity of a given Tic-Tac-Toe board configuration
  20. Minimum Initial Points to Reach Destination
  21. Find length of the longest consecutive path from a given starting character
  22. Collect maximum points in a grid using two traversals
  23. Rotate Matrix Elements
  24. Find sum of all elements in a matrix except the elements in row and/or column of given cell?
  25. Find a common element in all rows of a given row-wise sorted matrix
  26. Number of paths with exactly k coins
  27. Collect maximum coins before hitting a dead end
  28. Program for Rank of Matrix
  29. Submatrix Sum Queries
  30. Maximum size rectangle binary sub-matrix with all 1s
  31. Count Negative Numbers in a Column-Wise and Row-Wise Sorted Matrix
  32. Construct Ancestor Matrix from a Given Binary Tree
  33. Construct tree from ancestor matrix
  34. In-place convert matrix in specific order
  35. Common elements in all rows of a given matrix
  36. Print maximum sum square sub-matrix of given size
  37. Find a specific pair in Matrix
  38. Find orientation of a pattern in a matrix
  39. Shortest path in a Binary Maze
  40. Inplace rotate square matrix by 90 degrees
  41. Return previous element in an expanding matrix

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