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CBSE Notes

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CBSE Notes play a significant role in boosting exam preparation. Students typically make notes of key concepts, formulas, definitions, etc. while conducting their independent study. The collection of these significant details is referred to as CBSE Notes. CBSE notes can be written by students as they study the CBSE textbooks. These CBSE Notes prepared by our GeeksforGeeks experts will facilitate and simplify their exam preparation. 

Making Notes helps students in studying the concepts in a short time and they don’t have to waste their time reading the entire textbook. In CBSE notes, students can briefly and effectively break down the entire chapter in their notes. They only need to go through these notes to rapidly retain all the concepts.

CBSE Notes


Students must work hard in class to understand and retain topics. They will be able to achieve decent grades in both the yearly and board exams by doing this. But students must study well if they want to get good grades. Making a good study routine and keeping notes of what they have studied and learned each day is essential for performing well on the exam. Before starting the new task, they must also revise the assignment from the previous day. Therefore, we have provided the chapter-by-chapter CBSE Notes for Classes 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 to help students prepare effectively. Additionally, it will help students to perform well in their final examinations. 

CBSE Notes for Class 8 to 12

The CBSE Note Links for Classes 8 to 12 are given below. 

Table of Content

CBSE Notes for Class 8

CBSE Notes for Class 9

CBSE Notes for Class 10

CBSE Notes for Class 11

CBSE Notes for Class 12

Key Points to Remember

These notes are quite helpful, particularly when it comes to revising. Going through CBSE notes curated by our GFG experts can help students remember all they have learned, which will save time during tests. Additionally, they will receive all the necessary information and formulas in one location. The notes have been compiled exactly in the manner by our GFG experts what CBSE highlights as important. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I get class-wise CBSE notes?


Students can find the class-wise notes for Classes 8 to 12 prepared by our experts. The notes are available for Maths, Social Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects for Classes 8-10 and Maths, Physics, Chemistry,  Biology, and Commerce Subjects for Class 11 and Class 12. 

Q2. Do CBSE Notes help in revision?


Yes, the notes are prepared in such a concise way which helps students to go through the important topics in a very short time and it will also save their time in last-minute preparations. 

Q3. Does studying from CBSE Notes help in scoring good marks in annual exams?


The notes are prepared in such a way that highlight the important topics which have higher probability of being asked in the examinations and the concise way of notes helps in revising faster. 

Last Updated : 02 May, 2023
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