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How to Find Organic Keywords in SEO?

Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2023
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Organic keywords are search terms that users type into search engines to find information or solutions to their problems. Organic keywords are different from paid keywords, which are terms that advertisers bid on to show their ads at the top of the search results pages (SERPs). Organic keywords are important for SEO because they help your website rank higher in the SERPs for relevant search queries.

When your website ranks higher, it’s more likely to be seen by potential visitors, which can lead to more traffic and conversions.

There are many different types of organic keywords, but some of the most common include:

  • Head terms: These are the most general and popular keywords, and they’re often the most competitive to rank for. For example, the head term “shoes” might have millions of searches per month.
  • Long-tail terms: These are more specific and less competitive keywords. For example, the long-tail term “women’s running shoes size 7” might have a few thousand searches per month.
  • LSI keywords: These are words and phrases that are related to your main keyword. They can help search engines understand your content better and improve your rankings. For example, some LSI keywords for the keyword “shoes” might be “sneakers,” “boots,” and “athletic shoes.”

When choosing organic keywords to target, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Search volume: How often is the keyword searched for?
  • Competition: How hard is it to get a high ranking for the keyword?
  • Relevance: How relevant is the keyword to your website and business?
  • Intent: What is the purpose of the user’s keyword search? Are they trying to find out information, making a purchase, or something else?

Once you’ve chosen a set of organic keywords, you can start optimizing your website for those keywords. This includes incorporating the keywords into your content, title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags. You can also build backlinks to your website from other high-quality websites. By optimizing your website for organic keywords, you can attract more free traffic from search engines and improve your bottom line.

How Do You Discover Organic Keywords?

You can discover organic keywords in a few different methods. Here are a few tips:

  • Use Google Keyword Planner: Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that helps you find keywords and get insights into their search volume and competition. You must have a Google Ads account in order to utilize Google Keyword Planner.
  • Use a keyword research tool: Both free and commercial keyword research tools are widely available. Some popular keyword research tools include Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Keyword Explorer.
  • Use Google Search Console: A free tool called Google Search Console offers information on how well your website is doing in search results. To find out which search terms are bringing visitors to your website, use Google Search Console.
  • Use Google Trends: Google Trends is a public web facility of Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages. The website uses graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time. It will get multiples organic keywords which are being searched now ,it can write the article related to them and boost website seo
  • Getting keywords from other popular sites: This is a simple way, like you can simply search on google the your query, and you will get search results. Its sure that the one appearing 1st in results will have used best keywords and seo. You can open that site look at newly posted articles in it and take some good keywords from there.

Once you’ve found a list of potential organic keywords, you’ll need to evaluate them and choose the ones that are most relevant to your website and business. Additionally, you want to take each keywords competition and search volume into account.

What is Keyword Research tool

A keyword research tool is a software application that helps you find and analyze keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that people use to search for information online. Keyword research tools can help you identify popular keywords, long-tail keywords, and related keywords. They can also provide you with insights into search volume, competition, and keyword trends.

  • Search volume: Tells how many times a keyword is searched on google monthly or annually
  • Keyword difficulty: tell how difficult is to rank site this keyword, means how much website with same keywords are already on search engine
  • Keyword opportunity: What are chances of keyword to rank on google by analyzing different factors such as relevance, quality, authority, etc.
  • Keyword value: The value or profitability of a keyword based on various factors such as traffic, conversion, revenue, etc.

Why to use a keyword Research Tool?

Keyword research tools can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Finding new keywords to target: Keyword research tools can help you identify new keywords that you can target in your content and marketing campaigns.
  • Analyzing keyword competition: Keyword research tools can help you assess the competition for different keywords. This information can help you decide which keywords to target and which keywords to avoid.
  • Tracking keyword performance: Keyword research tools can help you track the performance of your keywords over time. This information can help you identify which keywords are working well and which keywords need improvement.
  • Generating new content ideas: Keyword research tools can help you generate new content ideas based on the keywords that people are searching for.
  • Understanding Keyword Search Volume: So you wont get much traffic. Keyword research tool solves that problem by telling precise number of times a keyword is searched on google.
  • Analyzing different aspects: A keyword research tool can help analyze and compare different organic keywords for the website by using different data and metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulty, keyword opportunity, keyword value, etc.

Here are some tips for choosing a keyword research tool:

  • Consider your budget: Keyword research tools can range in price from free to hundreds of dollars per month. Choose a tool that fits your budget and needs.
  • Look for features that are important to you: Different keyword research tools offer different features. Make sure to choose a tool that has the features that are important to you, such as keyword research, competitive analysis, and keyword tracking.
  • Read reviews: Before you choose a keyword research tool, read reviews from other users. This will help you get an idea of what other people think of the tool and whether or not it’s right for you.

Note: Once you’ve chosen a keyword research tool, start using it to find and analyze keywords for your website. This will help you improve your SEO and attract more traffic.

Check Your Competitors Organic Keywords

You can find out your competitors organic keywords using keyword research tools I am providing some tools using them you will get insight about keywords they are using

  • Ahref Site Explorer: This site is good for finding best keywords there traffic and also you can check your competitors keywords using this
  • Totheweb Google Website Crawler: You can use this site. In this you just have to put url of any site and it show you all the organic keywords used in website then you can compare those using ahref
  • Semrush: Semrush also provides keywords, SEO insights about your website You can use keyword gap tools of semrush or ahref to find keyword to which your competitors website ranks
  • Seo Quake: It is a free browser extension which you can use, it shows the important seo metrics such as keywords, views, page title, meta description headings and much more using this extension

Use Organic Traffic Insights

  • Organic traffic insights are data and analytics which tells how the website is performing on google in organic search results. I am telling you some points by using them you can boost your website SEO using organic traffic insights
  • Using Moz keyword explorer or Ahref Keyword Explorer you can find out the organic keywords which will drive traffic to your website. You will get new ideas to write on topic related to keyword and also get other necessary metrics like search volume, difficulty.
  • The pages which are already receiving a lot of traffic, from google you can know what keywords they are using which are shown and clicked by users the most
  • You can find out the gap in your content which people are skipping, which is increasing your bounce rate and fill that gaps with relevant information

Use Google Search Console

  • Google Search Console is an important tools for all web designer because it tells you which keywords are bringing traffic to your site, error which are blocking pages to index, which keywords are not getting clicks etc.
  • You can use Google Search Console to submit sitemaps and URLs for crawling, check your index coverage, receive alerts on issues, and understand how Google sees your pages.
  • You can also use Google Search Console to see which queries bring users to your site, how often they are searched, and how competitive they are. You can use this data to improve your keyword research and content optimization.
  • Google Search Console also shows you the backlinks that point to your site, and the pages that they link to. You can use this information to analyze your link profile and identify link building opportunities.
  • Google Search Console also provides various reports and tools that can help you improve your SEO, such as the URL Inspection tool, the Core Web Vitals report, the Mobile Usability report, the Rich Results test, and more


Finding organic keywords in SEO is a dynamic process that involves continuous research, analysis, and optimization to ensure your content aligns with what users are searching for on search engines.

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