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NoFollow Meta Tag in SEO

Last Updated : 08 Nov, 2023
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The “nofollow” meta tag in SEO is another meta tag used to control how search engines follow links on a page. It tells search engines not to pass PageRank to the linked pages. It’s typically used to prevent the flow of authority to unimportant or untrusted pages.

The attribute “nofollow” in SEO is useful because it allows you to control how search engines treat specific links on a web page. It can be an effective tool for managing your website’s SEO and ensuring that your links align with your content and endorsement strategies when used wisely and in accordance with best practices and search engine guidelines.

Can “Noindex, Nofollow” Work Together in SEO?

Combine “noindex” and “nofollow” in SEO when you want to exclude a page from both search results and prevent search engines from following any links on that page. This is common for pages that you don’t want to be discovered or crawled by search engines.

FAQs related to “NoFollow” meta tag

Q-1: Please provide NoFollow Meta Tag Example in SEO?

Ans: NoFollow Meta tag can be used in any web page. In HTML page we can add meta tag. Here is some Example

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link to a Page</a>
<a href=”″>Link 1</a><a href=”″>Link 2</a>

Q-2: What is the difference between Noindex and NoFollow in SEO?

Ans: These two terminologies are different in uses. We use Nofollow when we do not want the web crawler to follow the links on the web page. We use NoIndex when we don’t want the search engine to store our webpage for display on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Q-3: Tools to find my “NoFollow” meta tag in SEO?

Ans: It depends on where did you place the NoFollow tag. There are tools to find NoFollow tag. If the NoFollow was added in HTML page then you can find simply by visiting the source code. If the noindex tag was added in HTTP header then you can find the noindex tag by using inspect tools of chrome.

Q-4: Does NoFollow affect SEO?

Ans: Yes, it can directly affect your organic traffic if NoFollow tag was added accidently or by mistake in your important webpage as NoFollow . When we do not want the web crawler to follow the links on the web page.

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