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31 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2023
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In the changing world of marketing, it is vital to have a strong SEO plan in place to ensure that your website gains visibility and attracts organic traffic. One effective way to boost your SEO efforts is by utilizing Google Chrome extensions. These powerful tools offer insights. Streamline various tasks, ultimately improving your website’s search engine performance. In this article, we will explore more than 31 essential Google Chrome extensions that are indispensable for any SEO professional.

1. MozBar

MozBar is a tool for SEO that gives you access to important SEO metrics like domain authority, page authority, and backlink data. It allows you to evaluate the credibility of a website and gain insights into opportunities for building links. While MozBar has a free version, Moz offers a paid subscription with additional features and more comprehensive SEO data, making it a valuable tool for SEO professionals.

2. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

The Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is an extension that provides in-depth insights into the backlink profile of any webpage. It also offers keyword metrics, helping you analyze the SEO strength of a page and make informed decisions about your link-building strategies.Ahrefs offers a paid subscription for its SEO Toolbar, which provides extensive data on backlinks, organic search traffic metrics, keyword difficulty, and more.

3. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant is a tool for optimizing content to be search engine-friendly. By offering recommendations on improving readability, tone of voice, and keyword usage it ensures that your content follows the practices in terms of SEO. SEMrush’s SEO Writing Assistant has both a free and paid version. The paid version provides advanced content optimization recommendations and allows for greater flexibility in content management.

4. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an extension for conducting keyword research. It presents data such as search volume, cost per click, and competition levels for keywords. This information is crucial when identifying the keywords to include in your content.

5. SEOquake

SEOquake is a tool, for SEO that provides analysis of search engine results. One of the features it provides is the ability to access metrics, like Alexa rank, Google index, Bing index and others. These metrics assist in conducting research and analysis. While SEOquake has a free version, the Pro version provides additional features, including an extended SEO audit, internal/external link analysis, and more.

6. LinkMiner

It is a tool that helps identify links on a webpage. By detecting these broken links it uncovers opportunities for building links and contributes to enhancing the overall health and performance of your website.

7. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a tool, for researching content that helps you discover the popular content based on social shares and engagement. It offers insights into trending topics and ideas for creating content.

8. Grammarly

Grammarly is widely known for its grammar and spelling checks. It also plays a role in improving the overall readability of your content. By ensuring error free and engaging writing, Grammarly contributes to user engagement and enhanced SEO performance.

The Majestic Backlink Analyzer is an extension that allows users to view backlink profiles and analyze the quality of those backlinks. This information is essential for identifying opportunities to build links and enhance the authority of your website.

10. Redirect Path

Redirect Path is a tool for detecting and alerting users about any HTTP header or redirect errors. By ensuring an user experience and maintaining a website structure Redirect Path contributes to improved SEO performance.

11. SEO Peek

SEO Peek provides an overview of a pages tags heading structure and other important SEO elements. It helps identify optimization gaps that need attention in order to improve the visibility and performance of your website in search engine results.

12. Lighthouse

The Lighthouse tool is an audit tool that offers insights into webpage performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO. It plays a role in identifying and resolving any issues that could impact the user experience ultimately leading to improved search engine rankings.

13. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is a tool, for evaluating how a webpage loads. It identifies areas that need improvement and offers suggestions to enhance the speed of the site, which’s vital for achieving better search engine rankings and providing an excellent user experience.

14. BuzzStream Buzzmarker

The BuzzStream Buzzmarker simplifies outreach efforts by helping users find contact information for influencers and websites. It facilitates link building and content promotion activities resulting in increased visibility and authority for your website.

15. Page Analytics (by Google)

Page Analytics by Google provides insights into how users interact with a webpage. It offers data on click through rates, user engagement and other metrics to help improve the usability and overall performance of your website.

16. Meta SEO Inspector

The Meta SEO Inspector is a tool for examining all SEO tags on a webpage, including meta tags, canonical tags and Open Graph tags. By ensuring that your webpage is properly optimized for search engines and social media platforms, it contributes to improved visibility in search results.

17. Serpstat Website SEO Checker

The Serpstat Website SEO Checker provides an analysis of a webpages SEO performance. It offers insights into keyword density, backlink quality and other essential SEO metrics that enable you to make decisions when developing your SEO strategy.

18. Mangools SEO Extension

The Mangools SEO Extension is a tool that gives you access to important SEO metrics such as backlink profile, keyword suggestions and SERP analysis. This allows you to easily assess the SEO strength of a webpage and make decisions for optimization. Mangools offers a suite of SEO tools that includes keyword research, backlink analysis, and SERP analysis. These tools are available as paid subscriptions, either individually or as part of a bundle.

19. NoFollow

The NoFollow extension is a tool that highlights all the “links on a webpage. It helps in distinguishing between links that pass link juice and those that don’t making it easier to strategize for link building efforts and overall SEO strategy.

20. Keywords Everywhere Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to Keywords Everywhere, the Keywords Everywhere Alternative extension offers functionalities. It provides access to search volume, CPC data and competition levels for keywords within your browser making keyword research and optimization more efficient.

21. User-Agent Switcher

The User Agent Switcher is a tool that allows you to mimic user agents. It enables you to see how a webpage appears on search engines and devices. This feature is particularly helpful in optimizing your website for user experiences ultimately improving its visibility on search engines.

22. SEO Meta in 1 Click

With SEO Meta, in 1 Click you can quickly get an overview of a webpages tags, headers and other important SEO elements. To ensure that your content is optimized effectively for search engines, it is important to identify areas that can be improved for visibility in search engine results.

23. Hunter

Hunter helps in locating email addresses linked to a domain making the outreach and link building process more efficient for SEO purposes. It enables communication, with influencers and website owners thereby enhancing link building strategies.

24. Ayima Redirect Path

The Ayima Redirect Path is a tool that helps you identify and analyze the HTTP status codes on your website. It ensures that your website has a redirection structure, which’s crucial for maintaining good SEO performance.

25. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb provides insights into a websites traffic, sources engagement metrics and audience demographics. By enabling analysis and identifying growth areas, it assists in developing effective strategies to enhance your websites performance.

26. BuiltWith Technology Profiler

The BuiltWith Technology Profiler is a resource for identifying the technologies used on a webpage. It can detect analytics tools, frameworks and content management systems being utilized. This information is essential for optimizing your websites technology stack and improving its performance.

Check My Links is a tool that scans webpages for links. By identifying and fixing any broken links that could negatively impact user experience and SEO performance it contributes to maintaining the health and optimal functionality of your website.

Link Redirect Trace offers an analysis of all redirects that occur during webpage loading. It helps identify any chains or loops that might affect your websites performance ensuring an user experience while enhancing SEO performance.

29. Nofollow Checkbox

The Nofollow Checkbox is a tool that allows you to easily add “nofollow” tags to certain links while creating content. By using this option you can ensure that search engines won’t follow those links. This helps protect the link value of your website and keeps your backlink profile in shape.

30. Bitly

Bitly is a tool that shortens URLs and also offers insights into the performance of shared links. It provides information on click through rates and engagement metrics helping you optimize your media and content sharing strategies.

31. SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

The SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch allows users to simulate search engine queries from locations and devices. It offers insights into how your website appears in search results for target audiences, allowing you to optimize your content for improved search engine visibility.


By utilizing these Google Chrome extensions, SEO professionals and digital marketers can streamline their processes effectively enhancing the performance of their websites. This leads to visibility, on search engines and increased user engagement. Integrating these tools into your SEO workflow can greatly contribute to the success of your marketing strategy.

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