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How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console ?

Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2021
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Google Search Console is the place where a webmaster can check indexing status and optimize visibility of the web. Formerly, it was known as Google Webmasters but now it has changed to Google Search Console. As a full-stack web developer, we should be familiar with the ranking process of google and how search engine optimization works.

We have to create, web apps or websites of the type which google likes, because through google ranking it decides that a website is going to be used by millions of people or no one else is knowing the name of the website. The more top-ranking will get on google, the more users will come to the website.  According to the experts, Google decides the rank of a URL on more than 200 ranking factors, and adding a website to the Search console is going to be in the first few steps of SEO.

At GeeksforGeeks, we have already told about Search Engine Optimization and various aspects of it:-

Today in this article, we are going to know that how can we tell google that this is our website and please rank this website on your search results. For that, we have to add our website to the Search Console.

So Let’s start doing it in steps.

Step 1: Choose a new website that you want to add to Google Search Console. Now, go to the Search Console by Clicking Here.

Step 2: Now type your domain name here and click on continue.

Step 3: You will get a popup Screen here with a DNS TXT record, copy that TXT record.

Step 4: Go to your Domain name Service provider in another tab and Sign in to the dashboard. In our case, it’s GoDaddy.

Tip : The process will be almost same for the other DNS providers.

Step 5: After signing in there will be a list of your domains. Here click on the three dots and then click Manage DNS

Step:6 Now, on the new page you will get a list of the default and previously created DNS Records.

Here, Click on the add select the type as TXT, give the type “@”, paste the copied TXT value in the Value field, also leave the TTL 1 Hour, and finally click on Save. 

Step:7 Back to the google search console, and click on Verify. You will get a green tick on the screen showing that your website is verified.

That’s done! Hope you enjoyed the article. 

After submitting your website to Google Search Console, GoogleBot will visit your website within a week or earlier and it will show your websites on google search.

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