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What is Google Analytics?

Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2024
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For every successful organization, regardless of industry- Education Transportation, travel or health, Google analytics is widely used to have a deeper insight into customers. As a result, organizations choose the right approach in terms of serving their clients.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google, which is extensively used to track activities of the users on the websites. It helps you to evaluate the visitors’ data on your website in-depth. Google Analytics is the main tool for traffic control in any aspect. Almost every piece of content you post online can be tracked in your dashboard and monitored there. The microscopically close view of each piece of content helps you to see the interaction, and determine what works and what does not. Robust search features and the ability to create queries also give you the ability to immerse your data online.

What is calculated by Google Analytics?

Dimensions and metrics are the cornerstones of Google’s analytics studies. Dimensions are the attributes of your results, such as the city from which traffic comes, the page you are calculating, or the platform that you are analyzing on social media. Of certain dimensions, metrics are quantitative measures. For example, if you are looking at how your ads are doing in certain cities (the dimension), your metric will be the number of paid sessions you’ve registered.

Why Should you use Google Analytics?

  • Google Analytics is free to be used online without any subscriptions or purchases. Besides, it furnishes you with tracking statistics, numbers, and analysis at no cost. To join Google Analytics you will require a Gmail account which is also free to create in case of not having one.
  • With Google Analytics, you can know the age, gender, interest, device, and location of your audience.
  • Real-Time Monitoring lets you track web or device operation. Such reports are constantly updated, and any interaction with your site is reported just seconds after it occurs.
  • Real-time monitoring lets you monitor location statistics, traffic sources, how many users are actually on your site, what pages they communicate with, and statistics about the conversion targets.
  • The service has a large collection of guides, support pages, videos, and simple navigation and application tools.
  • New features are introduced regularly; the Web Analytics software has developed into a high-end solution for small, medium, and large (multinational) companies.
  • The Google Analytics service helps you to evaluate the visitors’ data on your website in-depth. It not only works very well on the web but its version of the Google Play Store makes it entirely available for smartphones and tablets. Google Analytics also works effectively with Google AdWords.
  • It enables you to understand which social platforms to target such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. By using Google Analytics, you have access to view what catches the attention of the users and then place the ad accordingly.
  • Automatic collection of data. All you need to do is set up your Google Analytics account and copy a simple piece of code on your website. So Google Analytics starts automatically gathering data from your website and generating reports accordingly.
  • Google analytics helps companies to define competition, It gives them an insight into how many visitors your competitors’ websites have in comparison with your website.

What are the cons of Google Analytics?

  • Data will never be 100% right, and the use of it for eCommerce is daunting.
  • Large sites run into sampling problems that make it difficult for more granular studies to achieve statistically meaningful results.
  • Google owns the website, meaning the organization can alter or upgrade its features at any time.
  • Contacting a live body, short of a salesperson, when you need to troubleshoot, is incredibly difficult, making a smaller salesperson more appealing as daily questions arise.

Effective, versatile, and user-friendly apps like Google Analytics allow you to display and analyze your traffic data in a completely new way. Google Analytics is an incredible tool for any industry, which helps you to be more prepared to compose better-targeted commercials to improve your marketing campaigns and build higher websites for conversion. In case of use appropriately, it provides you with a piece of useful information required to assess your website, keep up with competitors, understanding customers, and adapt to their needs. Last but not least, It brings you success!

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