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What is a Search Algorithm in SEO: Understanding Its Role

Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2023
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The search algorithm is a crucial aspect of SEO. It is responsible for how a search engine like Google fetches the stored information from the data structure, ranks, and displays the relevant information against the user query. This improves the website’s visibility on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It is very complex, and we can’t understand its exact workings, but there are many insights that will be given by search engines like Google. So in order to get a higher rank in SERP, one must make strategies against the algorithm.


What is a Search Algorithm?

The search algorithm is a complex set of rules used by search engines that check the quality of an ad or web page to determine the ranking of the web page against a user query. As it is complex, we can’t understand how it works. A search engine changes its search algorithm frequently. Its primary goal is to determine the ranking of a web page and how it should be displayed.

The Role of Search Algorithm In SEO

Search Algorithm Plays a very important role in SEO as it fetch the stored information from data structure and responsible for determining the ranking of a web page and how it should be display. Below are some role of search Algorithm in SEO

  • Retrieve Information: Search Algorithm retrieve information that is stored in data structure related to user’s query Based on this fetched information ranking is determined. In order to retrieve information from the huge internet, search engines are essential. Their primary goal is to quickly and efficiently give users information that is relevant to and helpful based on their search queries.
  • Relevance Evaluation: Search algorithms evaluate the relevance of online sites to a certain search query by analyzing numerous on-page and off-page parameters. Keywords, article quality, user engagement metrics, backlinks, and other characteristics may be included.
  • Sorting Results: Search engine sort the web pages based on relevance. More relevance web page will be on the top and less relevance will be on the bottom. Sorting results is an important stage in the retrieval and presentation of information via search engines. It ensures that users receive meaningful and user-friendly search results.
  • Ranking of a webpage: Search Algorithm is used by search engines to determine the ranking of a web page. Webpage with high relevance will be on the top and less relevance webpage will be on the bottom. In order to get information when users perform searches, ranking web pagesĀ is an essential role of search engines. Websites are evaluated and ranked according to how well they respond to a user’s search query in terms of relevancy and quality.

How Search Algorithms Work?

How the search algorithm work nobody answer this question except the search engine that design that search algorithm itself. Basically search algorithm is secret so that nobody can misuse it for personal profit, if the algorithm was made public then , anyone might abuse it and manipulate the system to their advantage. This would result in unsatisfactory search results for users and also decrease the value of the company.

The top priority of the search algorithm is to find relevance web page against the user query. But search engine like google always give some hint regarding how to get rank in search engine result page (SERP) so that SEOs and digital marketer can get benefits. So SEOs and digital Marketer should always pay attention to the hints and tips given by search engine.

Types of Algorithm Updates For Search Engines

Search engines like Google update their algorithm frequently to optimize their web search result for better user experience. Algorithm updates are categorize into three main parts: Major updates, Broad-core updates and Small updates.

Major updates: These type of updates solved major issue of search engine. This updates are not frequent as it happens once or twice in a year. The purpose of this updates is to make user experience better. Example: Core Web Vitals

Broad-core updates: These type of updates are done for determining the ranking of a page, basically it alter the ranking factor i.e. it updates which factor is more important for ranking a web page. Example: Keywords are more important than total number of backlinks. These updates happen in every 4-5 months.

Small updates: These type of updates do not effect the ranking of a website that have high quality content. These updates are minor updates for better user experience. These updates are done on daily or weekly basis.

Ranking Factors in Search Algorithms

A variety of ranking parameters are used by search algorithms to determine the order in which search results are displayed to users. These ranking variables have been meticulously designed in order to offer consumers with the most relevant and useful results depending on their search queries. While the particular methods and weighting of these elements may change over time, the following are some commonly used ranking factors in search algorithms:

  • Relevance of content: This is one of the most important factor in ranking a web page, the relevance of web page should match with the user’s query. More keyword match have higher chance of getting higher rank. So it is always recommended to focus on content. Search engine first understand the user intent then find and display the relevance information.
  • Better Content: Content is king, basically web page whose content is well researched, well organized and original gets higher rank while the web page that have less content, duplicate content gets lower rank. Keyword relevance matters for search engine to rank a website. We must use optimized keyword.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks are like the support from other website. More backlinks a website have there will be more chance of getting higher rank. Less backlinks means there will be less chance of getting higher rank. Search engine like google consider this backlink as a vote.
  • Site Loading Speed: Site Loading Speed is very important factor in ranking a web page, the web pages that loads fast are preferred by search engine because of better user experience. Even the google said that “page speed is the ranking factor for mobile searches”.
  • Keyword Usage: Keyword plays a very crucial role in ranking, using keyword in a webpage can rank a website higher. it support quality content creation. You can find keyword with low search traffic but a high click-through rate for your audience by conducting competitive research and data mining.

How to Stop an Algorithm Update’s Detrimental Effects?

Search engine update their algorithm frequently. It has a significant impacts on the website’s ranking and traffic. Due to this update there may detrimental effects on some website, resulting decrease in ranking and organic traffic. Here are some points to stop an algorithm update’s detrimental effects.

  • Understand the update of algorithm: First thing is to understand the update of algorithm i.e. understand why this update has made, what is its aim, how can this update improve user experience. Search engine release their major updates. So always get in touch with these release and understand that updates and according plan for ranking and traffic.
  • Analyze your content: After understanding the aim of update, analyze the quality and relevance of your content. Check the issues like duplicate content, thin content, keyword missing, outdated content etc. After analyzing include all the correction in your content like remove duplicate, add relevant keyword, update the information. These will improve the quality of your content.
  • Mobile Optimization: Mobile optimization are crucial in modern SEO. It is different from desktop SEO. It includes the designing and optimizing your website content for the better user experience for users who search query on smartphones or tablets. So always make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Professional Help: Search algorithm are complex an we can’t understand the updates of algorithm so it is always recommended to seek help of profession. Hiring experts and professionals with specialized knowledge can help your website in getting higher rank in search result page even after updates. They have a deep knowledge of how search engine works and can provide a better guidance.

How search engine optimization is affected by the algorithm.

Search engine like Google uses a complex algorithm that aims to provide a better user experience by displaying the relevant page and high quality information against the user query query. These algorithm directly affect the website’s visibility, traffic and ranking in organic search. It affect the ranking of a website as this algorithm consider various ranking factors like content quantity, meta tags, keyword, back links, page speed and mobile friendly.

Best Practices for SEO Alignment with Algorithms

SEOs alignment with algorithm is most important in order to get higher rank in search engine result page (SERP). The algorithm of a search engine changes time to time. Google reportedly changes its algorithm hundreds of times each year. So, here are some best practices for SEO Alignment with Algorithms.

  • E-E-A-T : E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust these three words are the basic principal we keep in mind while writing a content. It is an important component of the Google algorithm, but it is not the final, conclusive judge of content quality. Google now uses human search quality raters to validate the algorithm’s findings.
  • Improve your Page user experience: Content creator must focuses on User Experience(UX). UX should be user-friendly with clear navigation, attractive design and fast-loading time this will help a page to get higher ranking.
  • URL should be not long : SEOs must use a short and descriptive URL. It is not advisable to use long URL by search engine like Google, because long URL may frighten searchers. So for better ranking SEOs must avoid ugly URL.
  • Title and Heading should be effective: Effective Titles and heading improve the ranking of a web page. Both are distinct term heading are the head of html which consist of title and meta tag while title is a tag inside head that tells about the content to the search engine like google.
  • Images should be optimize: As we have see earlier that page loading speed must be good in order to get higher rank in search engine result page(SERP) for this purpose our all the images should be optimize i.e. their file should be as small as possible. This helps page to get load faster.


Search algorithm of search engine is complex and private so that nobody can access and manipulate that algorithm. But Search engine like google give hints regarding how to improve the ranking of a page. So SEOs and digital Marketer should always pay attention to the hints and tips given by search engine and should align with algorithm in order to get higher rank in search engine result page(SERP).

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