‘Recent Articles’ on Digital Electronics and Logic Design

Number System and Representation :

  1. Number System and Base Conversions
  2. Floating Point Representation

Karnaugh Map :

  1. K-Map(Karnaugh Map)

Half-Adder and Half-Subtractor

  1. Half-Adder
  2. Half-Subtractor
  3. Half-Adder and Half-Subtractor using NAND NOR Gates

Full Adder:

  1. Full-Adder

Multiplexers :

  1. Multiplexers

Flip-Flops and Synchronous Sequential Circuits :

  1. Flip-Flops(Types and Conversions)
  2. Synchronous Sequential Circuits

Counters :

  1. Counters

Digital Signatures and Certificates

  1. Digital Signatures and Certificates

Quick Links :

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