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Conversion of J-K Flip-Flop into T Flip-Flop

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2020

Prerequisite – Flip-flop

1. J-K Flip-Flop:
J-K flip-flop is the gated version of Sr flip-flop with an addition of extra input i.e. clock input. It prevents invalid output condition when both the inputs are at the same value.

2. T Flip-Flop:
T flip-flop means Toggle flip-flop. It changes the output on each clock edge and gives an output which is half the frequency of the signal to the input.

Conversion of J-K Flip-Flop into T Flip-Flop:

  • Step-1:
    Construct the characteristic table of T flip-flop and excitation table of J-K flip-flop.

  • Step-2:
    Using K map, find the boolean expression for J and K in terms of T.

    J = T
    K = T 
  • Step-3:
    Construct the circuit diagram for the conversion of J-K flip-flop into T flip-flop.

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