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Conversion of S-R Flip-Flop into T Flip-Flop

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Prerequisite – Flip-flop
Here, we will discuss the process of conversion of S-R Flip-Flop into a T Flip-Flop using an example.

Rules for conversion:

  • Step-1:
    Find the characteristics table of required flip-flop and the excitation table of the existing (given) flip-flop.
  • Step-2:
    Find the expression of given flip-flop in terms of required flip-flop using K-map.
  • Step-3:
    Find the circuit diagram of required flip-flop.

S-R Flip-Flop to T Flip-Flop:
Following is the characteristics table of T flip-flop and excitation table of S-R flip-flop.

Now, using K-map we get the expression for of S & R in terms of T.

S = TQn’ & R = TQn

Therefore, the circuit diagram for conversion of S-R flip-flop into T flip-flop is:

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Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2020
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