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Find the binary equivalent of the given non-negative number n without using arithmetic operators.Examples:   Input : n = 10 Output : 1010 Input : n… Read More
After the removal of “noreturn” keyword, C11 standard (known as final draft) of C programming language introduce a new “_Noreturn” function specifier that specify that… Read More
Given an array of integer and two values k and i where k is the number of moves and i is the index in the… Read More
Round 1 – MCQ+Coding Students from 4 colleges participated in this round out of which 30 were selected. This round consisted of 13 aptitude type… Read More
Given an array of N positive integers. Count the number of pairs whose sum exists in the given array. While repeating pairs will not be… Read More
Consider a binary array consisting of N elements (initially all elements are 0). After that, you are given M commands where each command is of… Read More
Samsung Delhi recently visited our college for the full time hiring process. Process was much simpler than other companies.Cut-off for appearing in the Online Coding… Read More
Introduction The Ulam spiral is a graphical depiction of the set of prime numbers, devised by mathematician Stanislaw Ulam. It is constructed by writing the positive… Read More
Location: Pune (Kharadi or Hinjewadi) Post: Barclays Analyst (BA3 level) Branches Eligible: CS & IT Number of people Selected: 11 from IT Round 1: Online… Read More
In this article, we would be discussing the Set object provided by ES6. A set is a collection of items which are unique i.e no… Read More
Perquisite : Operators in C 1. What will be the output of the following program? #include <stdio.h> int main(void) {     int i = 40 >>… Read More
Online Aptitude Round Online Aptitude Round consisted of 60 questions. I did about 40 questions with 90% accuracy. Online Coding Round Online Coding Round consisted… Read More
Given a binary matrix whose elements are only 0 and 1, we need to print the rows which are duplicate of rows which are already… Read More
1. What is the output of following program? #include <stdio.h> #define square(x) (x * x)    int main() {     int x, y = 1;     x… Read More
We are given a N*M grid, print the number of rectangles in it.Examples:   Input : N = 2, M = 2 Output : 9 There… Read More
To create Snowflake fractals using Python programmingWhat are fractals  A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different… Read More
In graph theory, the Erdos–Rényi model is either of two closely related models for generating random graphs. There are two closely related variants of the… Read More
Given a number n, our task is to find all 1 to n bit numbers with no consecutive 1s in their binary representation.Examples: Input: N… Read More
The diameter of a tree is the number of nodes on the longest path between two leaves in the tree. The diagram below shows two… Read More
Goldman Sachs conducted on campus hiring for tech interns in our campus. CGPA cutoff: 7.0 Branches Eligible: All circuital branches Online Round: An online round… Read More

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