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Category Archives: Go Language

Golang offers a vast inbuilt library that can be used to perform read and write operations on files. To read a CSV file, the following… Read More
In the Go language, the os module provides the ability to access native operating-system features. In the os package, the Stat() function is used to… Read More
In the Go programming language, Embedded Structures are a way to reuse a struct’s fields without having to inherit from it. It allows you to… Read More
Docker is a containerization platform that lets you build, run, and manage applications in an isolated environment. In a container, software, libraries, and configuration files… Read More
An AVL tree is a type of self-balancing binary search tree that maintains the balance of the tree by ensuring that the difference between the… Read More
Generics are essentially template/boilerplate code written in a form to use on the Go with types that can be added later. The main aim of… Read More
EC2 or Elastic Compute Cloud is a scalable computing service launched on the AWS cloud platform. In simpler words, EC2 is nothing but a virtual… Read More
The strings.Title method is being deprecated from Golang, so we need an alternative to make our strings Title cased or Capital Case. The text/cases and… Read More
A Slice in Golang is an array(list of elements of the same type) but it’s dynamic i.e. it can adjust its size as per the… Read More
IntelliJ is one of the most powerful and popular integrated development environments (IDE) written in Java for developing computer software written in Java, Kotlin, Groovy,… Read More
A queue is a linear structure that follows a particular order in which the operations are performed. The order is First In First Out (FIFO). … Read More
Golang or Go programming language was introduced first by Google in late 2007 and was released in 2009 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken… Read More
Formatting of source code adds an important feature to the quality and readability of the code. In Golang, we have built-in packages and commands to… Read More
Go is a widely-used programming language. It is an open-source software used for general purposes. It is similar like the C programming language. But it… Read More
Go, also known as “Golang,” is gaining popularity among DevOps professionals in recent years. There are many tools written in Go, including Docker and Kubernetes,… Read More