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Overview :In this article, we will discuss the Producer-Consumer Problem and its Implementation with C++. The Producer-Consumer problem is a classical two-process synchronization problem. Let’s… Read More
Overview :In this, it is using the concept of paging for memory management, a page replacement algorithm is needed to decide which page needs to… Read More
Running program is a process. From this process, another process can be created. There is a parent-child relationship between the two processes. This can be… Read More
1. Ubuntu : Ubuntu operating system was developed in the year 1970 by Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson, and their team. Unix operating system is known for… Read More
Being a developer you might have focused your skills on problem-solving and data structure. Well, no doubt this is one of the most essential skills.… Read More
Prerequisites: Cache Memory Memory Access Paging Transition Look Aside Buffer Revisiting Cache AccessWhen a CPU generates physical address, the access to main memory precedes with… Read More
Prerequisite: Paging, Segmentation, Different b/w Paging and Segmentation  Major Limitation of Single Level PagingA big challenge with single level paging is that if the logical… Read More
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Prerequisites — Readers-Writers Problem | Set 1 (Introduction and Readers Preference Solution), Semaphores in Process Synchronization In Process-synchronization, there is a very classical synchronization problem… Read More