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What are Multimedia Systems: A multimedia system is responsible for developing a multimedia application. A multimedia application is a bundle of different kinds of data.… Read More
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Surds :Let x is a rational number(i.e. can be expressed in p/q form where q ≠ 0) and n is any positive integer such that… Read More
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Introduction :As instructions are a part of the program which are stored inside the memory, so every time the processor requires to execute an instruction,… Read More
Command word of 8259 is divided into two parts : Initialization command words(ICW) Operating command words(OCW) Initialization command words(ICW) : ICW is given during the… Read More
A parallel DBMS is a DBMS that runs across multiple processors or CPUs and is mainly designed to execute query operations in parallel, wherever possible.… Read More
Rate limiting is a process to limit requests possible. It is used to control network traffic.Suppose a web server allows upto 20 requests per minute.… Read More
The Lazy-Code-Motion problem :To avoid redundant calculations, reduce code size, or save resources, code mobility optimizations move computations across a control-flow graph (CFG). For example,… Read More
1. Parallel Database :A parallel DBMS is a DBMS that runs across multiple processors and is designed to execute operations in parallel, whenever possible. The… Read More
1. Semaphore :Semaphore is basically a technique used to manage concurrent processes by using a simple integer value that is used to control the access… Read More
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Prerequisite : Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) EDI Analyst :Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the interchange of information among different entities in a standardized format which… Read More