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The linked list stores data in sequential storage, like arrays. Though the data are stored sequentially, the memory locations are not contiguous.Unlike an array, the… Read More
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Introduction: Every programming language that is based on an object-oriented concept tries to connect everything to the real world. Similarly, C++ languages use classes, Inheritance,… Read More
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C++17 enables writing simple, clearer, and more expressive code. Some of the features introduced in C++17 are: Nested Namespaces Variable declaration in if and switch… Read More
Vectors are the same as dynamic arrays with the ability to resize themselves automatically when an element is inserted or deleted, with their storage being… Read More
HTML Parser is a program/software by which useful statements can be extracted, leaving html tags (like <h1>, <span>, <p> etc) behind.  Examples: Input: <h1>Geeks for… Read More
Variadic functions are functions that can take a variable number of arguments. In C programming, a variadic function adds flexibility to the program. It takes… Read More
AVL Trees are self-balancing Binary Search Trees where the difference between heights of left and right subtrees cannot be more than one for all nodes.… Read More
This function is included in the “boost/algorithm/string” library. The Boost String Algorithms Library provides a generic implementation of string-related algorithms which are missing in STL.… Read More
Geany is a lightweight, high-performance Integrated Development Environment system that supports the most used programming languages, i.e  C/C++, Java, Python2.x/3/x, etc. It was developed in… Read More
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Encryption in cryptography is a process by which a plain text or a piece of information is converted into ciphertext or a text which can… Read More