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Category Archives: Computer Networks

What is the OSI Model?OSI is an acronym for Open Systems Interconnection. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) created the OSI model (ISO). It’s a… Read More
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1. Datagram switching :Datagram packet switching is a packet switching method that treats each packet, or datagram, as a separate entity. Each packet is routed… Read More
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IEEE 802.15.4 is a low-cost, low-data-rate wireless access technology for devices that are operated or work on batteries. This describes how low-rate wireless personal area… Read More
The switch has some intelligence and its networking device operates in the Layer 2 Data link layer in the OSI model. Here, we will see… Read More
Prerequisite – Machine Learning (ML) Now a days in this digital world of technology where each day we are listening about Machine Learning (ML) and… Read More
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