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In this article, we will see how to print the table on the web page having type effect repeatedly using HTML, CSS & Javascript. Here,… Read More
 Selection process: Resume shortlisting: For this, I will say a decent GPA (preferably 8+) will get you shortlisted for the on-campus placement. Online Assessment (Coding… Read More
In this article we will send stylized emails using Python we will be using smtplib. The Python smtplib module defines an SMTP client session object… Read More
This article will help you build a web application in Flask that analyzes images, and returns the top 10 colours used in the image. The… Read More
The R Programming language is widely used for statistics, data visualization and data analysis, etc. Using the Highchart library data is graphically represented in the… Read More
Pong is a table tennis-themed 2-player 2D arcade video game developed in the early 1970s. The game consists of two paddles/strikers, located at the left… Read More
Barclays recently visited our campus ( Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Technology, Pimpri, Pune.) for the role of (Summer Intern 2023 ) for the… Read More
Ethical hacking, also known as “white hat” hacking, is the practice of using computer security skills for the purpose of testing and improving the security… Read More
The box model is a fundamental concept in CSS that determines how elements are laid out on a web page. It specifies the dimensions of… Read More
Given a binary array arr[] of length N, the task is to find the maximum consecutive ones that can be formed by deleting at most… Read More
DarkHotel is a notorious cybercrime group that has been active since at least 2007. The group is known for targeting high-level executives and government officials… Read More
Barclays visited the IIT Guwahati campus in November 2022 to hire interns for the 2023 summer internship for the SDE role. Eligibility criteria  Departments eligible:… Read More
Pre-requisite: Docker and Kubernetes Docker and Kubernetes are two of the most popular tools in the field of containerization and cluster management, respectively. In this… Read More
So Basically we received a mail regarding the “Mahindra Comviva” drive from the campus group on January 2022. There was a total of 3 rounds… Read More
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a company that needs no introduction approached our college’s T&P office for hiring fresh grads for Ninja and Digital profiles. The… Read More
Round 1 (Online Assessment): There was only one coding question and there were also some other sections that contained fundamental questions (Related to operating system,… Read More
Round 1: So the first round is an online test on HackerEarth. this round consists of 60 MCQs (30 aptitudes + 30 DSA)in 60 min… Read More
Puzzle: Placed in a room without mirrors are three males who are not wearing glasses. They are each given a headgear that they are unable… Read More
Histogram Equalization is the most famous contrast management technique for digital image processing with different image data intensity level values. or we can say it’s… Read More
Two-dimension viewing in Computer graphics is a technique to map the world coordinates system (actual coordinates of the object in the real world) to device… Read More

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