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jQuery provides a variety of plugins for bootstrap for distinctive purposes which can be easily integrated into a web application, making the websites and applications… Read More
Given N horizontal lines represented by an array position[][] of size N, where position[i] represents the ith horizontal line which has x-coordinates from position[i][0] to… Read More
Given a binary string str[] of size N and an integer M. This binary string can be modified by flipping all the 0’s to 1… Read More
Reusability is one of the most important concepts of Software Engineering. Reusability means developing code that can be reused either in the same program or… Read More
Given two positive integers X and Y and two numeric strings S and P of length N and 2 respectively, the task is to find… Read More
Round 1(Machine Coding-2 hours): The first round was machine coding round, the problem statement was to create a online food ordering system with various features.… Read More
A file system is one of those implementations in an operating system that everyone uses but most are not aware of how it works. Consider… Read More
Mostly developers just write super(props) as it makes no harm in code but no one is eager to know the reason how the thing is… Read More
The global installation of dependencies in Node.js is putting global packages in a single place in the system exactly where it depends on your setup,… Read More
CUDA(or Computer Unified Device Architecture) is a proprietary parallel computing platform and programming model from NVIDIA. Using the CUDA SDK, developers can utilize their NVIDIA… Read More
React…We all know the importance of this library in the tech industry. Most of the applications are switching to React because of its advantages and… Read More
WTForms is a library designed to make the processing of forms easier to manage. It handles the data submitted by the browser very easily. In… Read More
In the last few decades, data privacy and security has become the primary concern to everyone. Due to the rise in technological advancements and the… Read More
Ranger is a command Line-based file manager with VI key bindings for Linux. It provides almost all features of the GUI file manager into the… Read More
Round 1(M.C.Q based round): You have to attempt 15-20 quizzes on Eduthrill website(5 questions – 2 minutes) with an average score of 60%. Then after… Read More
Bootstrap includes a large variety of button styles, each having some common and some different attributes in them. The “add to cart” button acts as… Read More
Natural language processing (NLP) is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a widely used technology for personal assistants that are used in various… Read More
Sometimes we are so busy that we are not even able to care for our body and by caring we mean fitness, food, exercises and… Read More
Given a source and destination in a matrix[][] of infinite rows and columns, the task is to find whether it is possible to reach the… Read More
Given an array arr[] consisting of N positive integers and a positive integer K, the task is to find the minimum number of elements that… Read More